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A second year that trains students in the school’s five major creative specialties: art direction, design and writing, advertising creation, audiovisual production, and digital design.

The courses


Deepen the techniques of visual creation

Creative studio, typography, rough & drawing, DTP, plastic project, video

Develop your versatility

Communication culture, plastic and general culture, Art history, communication english

Understanding digital as a professional

Digital strategy, social networks, storytelling

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

Affirm your artistic and creative potential

This second-year program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in the various creative fields of communication.

This course is an extension of the first year SP1 Creation. Also available to any student
Having completed a first year in this field, it allows students to increase their skills in design, drawing, photography, video… Workshops and cultural outings are organized throughout the year in photographic techniques, art history, video and creative challenges to perfect their image culture. Students develop their creative skills while learning about trends, concepts and constraints in communication and discover the full range of creative professions in order to prepare for their specialization in the coming years.

Creative is an integral part of advertisers’ strategies. In an open and competitive ecosystem

The first year course is designed to support students in their process
creative. The objective is that they develop their curiosity, identify their inspirations, while
taming the sinuous path of their creativity. They learn to share and promote their ideas, with
more confidence.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluation


During the year, competitions are organized: the students work together, in micro-agencies, on a concrete practical case presented by an advertiser. They have two weeks to respond to a strategic, marketing and creative problem.

Red thread project

Each year, students work in teams on a long-term collaborative and cross-disciplinary project in order to develop their project management skills. This project, on a theme renewed each year, combines reflection, commitment and numerous productions and requires continuous and regular work.

Back to school workshop

Each campus welcomes its students for a year-long training on an intense and specific communication project.

Magazine creation seminar

This seminar leads to the conception of a magazine dedicated to art. It is produced from A to Z by the students, and is published by Sup de Pub.

Focus on jobs

Through conferences, testimonials from former students, and introductory courses, SP2 students are invited to discover the many professions in the field of communication to help them choose their specialization and career path.

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Our added value


Behavioral skills” or soft skills are increasingly in demand in companies. sup de Pub’s pedagogy aims to develop empathy, curiosity, self-confidence, stress management and autonomy. Group work and speaking are valued.

Professional accompaniment

The business service helps students find their internship through personalized coaching for their CV and cover letter.

Free Adobe Suite

To help you learn the creative software, the Adobe suite is available free of charge through your student account for the duration of the undergraduate program.

Quality speakers

All courses are taught by professionals in the communication and creative sector. The emphasis is on immersive and caring pedagogy.


To justify a validated Bac+1 (60 ECTS) or equivalent in communication or creation, to present a portfolio (it is preferable not to use Canvas and to privilege the Adobe Suite) and to satisfy the admission tests.


This program provides 60 ECTS credits and delivers a state-recognized RNCP titlein the 5th year.

Tuition and Financing

  • Lyon and Bordeaux campuses: €7,500
  • Paris Campus: 7 600€.

Back to school and rhythms

Back to school in September

Courses: September to May
Mandatory internship: 2 months minimum

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Updated 26 April 2022