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In ten days, the SP1 and SP2 must join forces for a competition rich in creativity! In a mock project, students worked on a new product launch for the Samsung brand.

A successful product launch

Communicating on a product launch is not easy. Students must work on building product awareness, while making a place for it in the sector, potentially already taken by competitors.

This year, the students worked to showcase the new Samsung vacuum cleaner, the BESPOKE Jet One. The market is already dominated by the huge competitor Dyson, but that won’t stop the SP1 and SP2.

Bespoke means “made-to-measure” in English, and it all makes sense when you know that this new vacuum cleaner is available in three trendy colors, so that it becomes more than a household product, but a real decoration.

The objective of this competition is clear: to successfully launch the BESPOKE Jet One in France, with a budget of 500 000€! To do this, you must avoid copying the competitors, lying about the product’s performance or annoying the target.

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Updated 19 May 2022