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The Grand Concours de l’Éloquence de Sup de Pub is organized for students. This event is done in collaboration with the school of political science, HEIP, part of the Omnes Education Group.

The Grand Concours de l’Éloquence Sup de Pub x HEIP

Students have more than a month to prepare their texts for this Great Eloquence Contest. This year, the theme is free. Participants will be able to talk about a topic that is important to them.

Eloquence is a discipline that makes the difference in a professional life. It gives us confidence, presence and charisma. Very useful qualities in the world of communication.

In 2022, companies are looking for soft skills in line with their values and work environment. Eloquence allows students to develop soft skills such as rigor, patience, cold blood, reactivity and adaptability. In addition to the creativity in the writing of his text.

The Grand Concours d’Éloquence allows students to reveal themselves. A real opportunity to make a statement in front of an amphitheater filled with 300 spectators, students and speakers alike.

The words of the winner of the Grand Concours de l’Éloquence – Special speakers!

In November 2021, Sup de Pub organized a Grand Concours de l’Éloquence for speakers. Guillaume Grelin was the big winner with his dynamic and humorous speech.

After his victory, we talked with Guillaume about this contest:

Why did you participate in this contest?

An eloquence contest is always a special, convivial moment. It’s fun to attend, and even more fun to participate. And beyond the fun aspect, it is especially formative. It’s not every day that we get to speak to 250 people, live. But the main reason is that I wanted to pay a tribute to Johnny, my Jojo, the one and only.

If you were to motivate a student to participate, what would you tell them?

This is an exceptional exercise. Very rare are the opportunities to practice it. Speaking in public is always difficult, but always instructive. We’re always making progress. Moreover, it is very galvanizing to put oneself in “danger”, one feels the pressure rising at the moment of coming to the desk, and a relief once the exercise is over. And whatever the outcome, we can be proud of having done it. It’s only positive, we must go for it, you never know, on a misunderstanding…

Quell hat are the three qualities you need to have or work on to get to the finals?

In my opinion, you have to think carefully about your text (who is it for? Why do I want to speak? What emotion do I want to convey?), then you have to prepare a lot, think about your speech and rehearse it (think about the staging, the intonation of your voice, the silences, the flow of words, etc.). Finally, the most important thing, it seems to me, is to be yourself. For a speech to be well received by the public, it must, I believe, be embodied by the speaker. And for that, you have to stay natural. All registers are good, so just be yourself, and choose the register that suits you best. My personal register is philosophy, and I am delighted that some of the students liked it.

Updated 26 April 2022