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Today’s students will be the actors of tomorrow’s social and environmental challenges. It is therefore necessary to be aware of these high-stakes issues.

Sup de Pub is associated with the SOS group, the first social enterprise in Europe, whose commitments concern many sectors:

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The birth of a project

Thus, the PACT (Programme d’Action Citoyenne de Terrain) project was born.

On a voluntary basis, the first years of Communication had the opportunity to accompany local associations and structures.

During 8 half-days, alone or in groups, they carried out various missions such as stock management, event animation, or communication.

Testimony of a student

This project was very enriching and allowed the students to get to know each other better, through volunteering, and thus develop their soft skills. This will open up professional perspectives!

Lise nous partage son expérience au sein de l’épicerie solidaire Le Comptoir :

What made you want to participate in the PACT project?

I was looking to get involved in an association, but I didn’t know how to go about it. When the project came to me, I thought it was a simple way to do it.

How did you find this association?

PACT put me in touch with the CCAS (Caisse Centrale d’Activités Sociales). I was lucky enough to have found a caring association that was very invested in my volunteering, so it went very well.

Any advice on how to get started in volunteering?

Dare to be bold and then it just rolls away!

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Updated 6 May 2022