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After two years of confinement, the habits of Generation Z have evolved. The “three structured meals” model is sometimes replaced by “snacking”. However, the younger generation is committed, they take organic seriously and want to eat healthier.

The Liebig brief

Brief Workshop Leibig

Liebig has been a soup expert since 1865 and wants to reinvent itself to reach out to young people.

The students of SP1 Communication and Creation had 2 missions:

  1. Create an editorial line specific to the platform (on which subject and how the brand will communicate)
  2. Create 3 Tiktok videos

The winning project

The winning group offered cooking tutorials to treat themselves with simple recipes.

Congratulations to Justine BORD, Priscilla COQUILLAT-OLSEYD, Alexandre MOUSSUS, Romy PIVETEAU, Héloïse ROBERT, Thomas VEILLON.

presentation on overhead projector
the group of winners of the Leibig workshop
Updated 26 April 2022