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SP4 Art Direction

SP4 Art Direction


Anglo-Saxon Creative Vision

London is a capital for marketing, particularly, creative advertising. British agencies are world renowned for their original ideas. Offered in London since 2008, this 4th year program allows our students to be immersed in the Anglo-Saxon creative process.

This year-long program taught entirely in English consists of classes full time from the beginning of September until the end of January followed by a six-month internship and a thesis which students will defend the following September.

The goal of this program is to introduce students to art direction. They will receive both theoretical knowledge as well as practical insights into the design, production and placement of advertising campaigns from courses taught by professionals within the film industry. Students will take away sound knowledge of the conception, production and delivery processes that go with creating an advertising campaign.

Our London partner school The School of Communication Arts, under the direction of Marc Lewis, is internationally recognized as one of the best advertising establishment in terms of creative thinking and strategy. INSEEC School of Communications students spend one day a week at SCA working directly with their students. They are immersed throughout the semester with their English counterparts and work on the same briefs and workshops. This module is particularly effective and allows students to make rapid progress in creative thinking and utilization of digital tools. The best London students can take their 5th year at SCA thanks to an agreement between the establishments.

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SP4 Art Direction à Londres

U1 - UK Culture and Background

  • Introduction to Great Britain
  • Analysis of Best Bitish Ads
  • Geopolitics & News Reviews
  • Trendspotting
  • Advanced Integrated English

U2 - Technical Courses

  • Digital Planning         
  • Mobile Planning
  • Audience Behavior & Media Strategy

U3 - Professional Cases

  • One-Day Pitch Workshop
  • Workshops SCA
  • Job Search Workshop
  • Competition Inter-promo
  • Competition NGO

U4 - Art Direction

  • Art Direction for TVCs & Short Videos
  • Visualisation & Typography
  • Effective Creative Team Management
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • Digital Design
  • Art Direction in Branding
  • Portfolio
  • Experience & Event Design
  • New Design Technologies

Internship (6 months)


Planning SP4 en 12 mois

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Cours SP4 à temps plein Stage à temps plein Soutenance du mémoire
- Rentrée : Septembre
- Cours SP4 à Paris : en alternance, de Septembre à Janvier (rythme : 3 jours école / 2 jours entreprise)
- Période à temps plein en entreprise de 7 mois, de Février à Août
- Soutenance du mémoire : Fin Septembre
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