From January 5-7, 2015 Sup de Pub Bordeaux and its English professors – Patricia Sibella, Shelley Cardinaud and Pauline Doidge – organized the second edition of their Intensive English Workshop.

The overall objective of this three-day event was to emerge 3rd-year students in an alternative way of learning English while reinforcing professional topics. Focus was based on three outcomes: attitude, skills and knowledge.

Professors set up three workshops based on:

–        Creative writing

–        Inbound marketing

–        Producing a radio program based on current affairs

During the creative writing workshop, students wrote a number of very interesting short stories. Although several were worth being published, one stood out. It was written by Floriane Michelot, Iris Plane and Arnaud Demargne.



The plot of this short story was :

Chinese Luck,

 It was Friday night, we were doing nothing, watching TV. The same usual, Master Chef, that makes him so excited. I have long forgotten the idea of doing something interesting with him.

It has been ten months now since we are together and we have already fallen into the routine. Peter is nice and sweet but a little too affectionate for me and most of all naive.

 I have to find a solution.

 It took me hours of bargaining and a week to convince Peter to go to the restaurant with me. I thought of the GOLDEN DRAGON, a Chinese restaurant I love so much. I ended up knowing every member of the staff back then when I used to go out.

He wasn’t enthusiastic about going there but he still came without complaining…

As usual he was long at picking what to eat so I ordered Fortune Cookies to wait while he looked over and over again at the menu.

The waiter brought us the Fortune Cookies and winked at me. I opened my cookie and it said “Your wish will be fulfilled” I hope they all will.

Then Peter opened his and his face went pale. He started to shiver, he glanced around us as if he was looking for some clues.

I asked him what was wrong. He calmed down and said it was nothing important just Chinese twaddle.

After a few minutes he started to get tense and each time a waiter would run close to him he would shudder. He looked more and more around him as if someone was watching him. We had not started the dessert when a bird crashed into the window and Peter jumped rapidly out of his chair and grabbed his coat.

  • COME QUICK! He shouted
  • But what’s wrong dear?
  • We are leaving, now!

He grabbed me by the arm and stormed out of the restaurant. The waiter shouted in Chinese chasing us as we hadn’t paid.

  • Peter, what the Hell are you doing, we didn’t even pay them.
  • It’s too late, they are already after us!
  • But it’s my favorite restaurant! I replied.

Peter ran down the street straight for the car and drove fast to our flat. He kept looking in his rearview mirror. He even started sweeting. He left the car in the middle of the street and went right for the stairs.

Once we were home, he checked every room and closed all the blinds. Then he started to grab his suitcase and filled it without even looking at what he was packing. He just took the first thing that came.

I keep asking him what was happening and what was wrong! He wouldn’t listen and just go on with his madness. He even went to the kitchen to grab a knife to put in his suitcase.

  • Stop it! You’re scaring me! I yelled.
  • Don’t talk too loud! They will hear us! He hushed me.
  • But who they? And what is going on!!

He finally stopped, grabbed me and looked at me straight in the eyes. He muttered to me “Jane, you are the most precious thing in my life, I have to go to save you, it is very important, you must have no regret and live your life. And don’t forget me… and tell my family… and our friends … and I have to go … and I hope it is not too late, It is very important”

And he went back to his folly and even tripped over. I started helping him. Once the suitcase was filled to overflowing he ran for the door. Then he took a pose and told me in a brave voice: “Don’t cry Jane, it’s going to be ok now” and left, slamming the door.

 I heard him rambling down the stairs. I sat down on the couch, and thought of what happened.

 He was gone!

Finally … It was that simple!






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