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This year is particularly productive for the SP4 Art Direction. Following the two print and digital design workshops, it was time for their audiovisual seminar!

A topical issue

Initially, the professional interventions allowed the students to deepen their skills in filming and editing.

Then, the brief was launched: to produce a 30-second commercial by group to promote So Good.

So good ? It is a media of Ulule and So Press proposing in particular a quarterly magazine.

It advocates the commitment and curiosity to go further in the information. One of its main values is also to highlight initiatives that have a positive impact on society, the environment, etc. For more information: https: // @sogoodstories

Different approaches

À travers ces spots publicitaires, le message est identique « une information n’est pas utile si elle est incomplète ». Mais l’angle d’approche diffère, ce qui fait la richesse des propositions.

Updated 6 May 2022