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Discover our best of this month’s campaigns. Burger King goes green, Netflix integrates Fast Laughs into its TV app and Greenpeace hijacks GTA to raise awareness about global warming.

Burker King puts us in the green!

One of the strong points of the Burger King fast food chain is undoubtedly the quality of its meat. It has even been one of the brand’s communication axes for many years. And if meat-eaters don’t need to be convinced anymore, what about vegetarians?

Indeed, this is a major challenge for brands like Burger King, which must succeed in attracting this increasingly important clientele. In March 2022, the chain decided to highlight its vegetarian alternatives with a well thought-out campaign in order toattract this new target.

The king of burgers has indeed decided to play with us once again by launching a print campaign that puts forward trompe-l’oeil, quite impressive we must admit! While a quick glance might lead one to believe that these are visuals that focus on a nice piece of meat, they actually put vegetables in the spotlight.

Entitled “Meat”, this campaign also aims to show that the Whopper menu is just as good, whether it is vegetarian or not. Imagined and produced by the agency David Madrid, images of peppers, beets or radicchios have never been so appetizing!

Of course, Burger King didn’t miss the opportunity to add a layer to it and adds the following message: “Sorry for the confusion, meat lovers. We recognize the style of the brand!

Broadcast in Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany and Mexico, this campaign allows Burger King to be closer to its vegetarian customers and we can only welcome the initiative!

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Netflix adapts its Fast Laughs to the TV application

If you are interested in social networks, you know that Tik Tok is now an important part of the landscape. A phenomenon that does not fail to inspire many brands, even the most influential like Netflix.

Last year, in March 2021, Netflix launched its Fast Laughs. A short and funny video format that allows users to discover new programs, add them to their lists and share them with their friends.

Satisfied with the response to this feature for its mobile application, the streaming giant recently announced it would be developed for the TV application as well.

At the moment, the feature is under development for the TV application and will probably be available soon for English-speaking countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the US.

a hand holding Smartphone cartoon
Smartphone cartoon

Greenpeace takes us into the streets of Los Santos

Well known for its shock campaigns, Greenpeace is back on the scene with a new campaign that clearly targets young people.

It is in fact Greenpeace Brazil that is behind this ingenious setup. The Brazilian agency decided to immerse us in the virtual streets of Los Santos, a place well known to fans of the video game GTA, made by the publisher Rockstar Games.

Entitled “Los Santos +3°”, the spot of the NGO alerts on the global warming by submerging the city of Los Santos under the waves and also takes advantage of it to point out the main consequences of such a warming, like the climate refugees.

To go further, Greenpeace, accompanied by the agency VMLY&R Brazil has put online a server on which players can carry out missions to avoid the disaster.

An operation that met with great success, especially on Youtube or Twitch, the streaming platform owned by Amazon, thanks to the participation of 35 Brazilian streamers. This is a campaign that offers a clever, innovative and striking format.

Updated 19 April 2022