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Digital / Management / Strategy

This title is intended for people aiming for strategic functions in communication, capable of anticipating and decoding emerging trends in the world of digital marketing.

Objectives of the training to obtain the title

The Communication and Digital Strategy Manager is a company executive working at a decision-making level within the marketing or communication department of the company (advertiser) or in a communication agency, of which he/she is one of the directors, often a partner or founder of the company.

Whatever the scope of his/her work, he/she plays a strategic role in the company’s digital transformation by developing marketing and communication objectives in conjunction with the company’s decision-makers.

He/she pilots the creation, design and implementation of the company’s digital marketing and communication strategies (or those entrusted to his/her agency) in order to ensure the development and marketing of its products or services while managing the teams dedicated to these projects.

Its functions and the new skills related to it are the direct consequence of the digitalization of the tools for promoting, selling and delivering products and services, which now affects the entire economy.

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The main jobs targeted

  • Marketing manager / digital marketing/e-business
  • Manager/Responsible for Digital Communication
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Data Manager
  • Online Communication Manager
  • Traffic Manager
  • Digital Account Manager On-line
  • Director of Digital Planning
  • Media Research Officer
  • Web Project Manager – Web Marketer – Webmaster
  • Multimedia Communication Manager
  • Group Manager Advertising 360
  • Social Media Manager

Competence blocks of the certification

BLOCK 1 : Define and implement a digital communication strategy

BLOCK 2 : Define and manage the company’s digital marketing strategy

BLOCK 3 : Manage and coordinate digital marketing tools

BLOCK 4: Develop a data driven marketing strategy

BLOCK 5 : Manage a digital communication agency or a department and lead teams

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Regulatory reference

Title registered with the RNCP level 7, by order of May 17, 2018 and published in the OJ of May 24, 2018

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences. Each block of skills can be obtained independently of the others. Each block of skills is the subject of a certificate. Partial validation of a block is therefore not possible.

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Financing of the training

Price of the training: 9550 € for individuals / 9750 € for financed individuals

Price of a block of skills: estimate on request

Updated 26 April 2022