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Why choose the MSC communication and media strategy – Brand activation?

The steady growth in the number of trademarks registered with the INPI over the past 5 years is increasing the pressure on companies to stand out from the crowd. Our program responds to this challenge by training future professionals to work in both strategic and operational areas: how to position a brand effectively and what resources to deploy to bring it to life. Designed for students with existing communications skills, this course offers a sought-after specialization, incorporating the very latest trends and advances in brand communications.

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what are the courses in MSc Communication and Media Strategy – Brand Activation?

Enseignements principaux

455H – 60 ECTS

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Brand strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Audience planning and media buying
  • Media planning: display and RTB
  • Content strategy and brand content
  • Search: SEO/ SEA/SMO
  • Social networks and social ads
  • Communication strategy
  • Press relations strategy, influence, events
  • KPIs and performance measurement

  • Consumer behavior and user intelligence
  • Challenges for companies and agencies
  • Design-Production
  • Legal framework and quality standards
  • Budget and performance measurement
  • Convincing an audience
  • News review
  • Talking TV
  • Module No Code Prompt Engineering
  • Innovation project
  • Communication project
  • Softskills

455H – 60 ECTS

  • Employer branding and internal communications
  • Purpose and commitment
  • Content strategy and brand content
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Brand strategy and activation
  • Omnichannel & 360° media planning
  • Media recommendation

  • Influence strategy
  • User experience
  • Media strategy project
  • Steering and dashboard module
  • Satisfaction and performance measurement
  • Budget construction
  • Module No Code Data Marketing

Vous apprendrez à

The aim is to equip you with the skills you need to think strategically about brand communications, by familiarizing you with concepts such as market analysis, trend research, target and media knowledge.

You’ll learn how to design and implement an integrated communications plan, using different channels and platforms consistently and effectively. You’ll need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the different media available (digital, social, traditional) and their relevance to the brand’s target audiences.

You will focus on the operational execution of the communication plan. It involves coordinating teams, managing resources and deadlines… and also measuring performance! Strong managerial skills are required to direct efforts and ensure that communication objectives are met effectively.

Modalités d’évaluations

The diploma is obtained by acquiring 120 ECTS through a series of individual or collective written or oral work placements.

Including the flagship end-of-year project: Create your own start-up. Learners form mixed project groups from different specialties to carry out this major pedagogical exercise. The aim is to acquire the entrepreneurial skills needed to create your own fictitious start-up. Those who wish to do so will have the opportunity to join the Omnes Education incubator, where they will be supported in the realization of their concept.

Competitions: These are the highlights of the training program, and provide an opportunity to put yourself into a professional situation. The students work on a real customer brief presented by the agency and/or the Brand to address an acquisition or loyalty issue. This cross-disciplinary recommendation is carried out collectively, with deliverables distributed according to each student’s skills.

An in-company professionalization period is also required during the course.

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WHAT ARE THE ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS FOR MSC communication and media strategy – Brand activation?

Proof of a validated Bac+3 (180 ECTS) or, for parallel admission to 5th year, a Bac+4 (240 ECTS), a level 6 certification or equivalent, primarily in the fields of Communications, Advertising or Marketing, and of having passed the school’s selection tests (or equivalent in the case of foreign candidates). Executive training is subject to specific pre-requisites, and professional experience is taken into account.

What certification is awarded in MSC communication and media strategy – Brand activation?

This program delivers the state-approved RNCP level 7 certification “Brand Communication Manager” . RNCP CODE 37775 | DIPLOMA CODE 16X32037

Certification skills block
Block 1 –
Carry out a brand diagnosis and its communication
Block 2 – Defining the brand and its communication strategy
Block 3 – Implement brand communication strategy
Block 4 – Measuring and optimizing the performance of brand communication strategy
Block 5 – Managing advertising and media strategy


What are the tuition fees
in MSC communication and media strategy?

Work-study (MSc1 + MSc2)22 000€22 500€
Initial MSc110 400€10 600€
MSc2 sandwich course11 400€11 600€
Initial MSc210 900€11 100€

What are the back-to-school hours and rhythms
in MSC communication and media strategy – Brand activation ?

Back to school in September

1 week of classes and 3 weeks in a company for 24 months starting in September.

Beginning of the school year in February (only in Paris)

1 week of classes and 3 weeks on the job for 20 months starting in February.

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Professions and career opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Officer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Communication Consultant
Updated 17 June 2024