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A pivotal year that allows for a significant increase in skills towards the proposal of communication strategies.

The courses

Enseignements principaux

Consumer and brand strategy

Analyze and decipher trends and uses to guide creation.

Strategic planning

Master all the fundamentals that allow you to create a coherent long-term strategy, with a true brand vision.

Advertising strategy & branding

Master the questions and logic necessary to build a fair and effective advertising strategy.

Digital strategy and social networks

Develop a fine understanding of digital to develop effective devices.

Audience planning

Have a thorough knowledge of the media sector in order to establish a coherent multi-channel strategy.

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

Acquire the tools to think about the realization of a campaign

This historic program is dedicated to strategic thinking and marketing in all its forms, for small and large brands. This program is particularly suited to students who already have a good knowledge of the communications field, either through their studies or through their personal and professional experience in this area.

During this training, all the fundamentals of marketing strategy, strategic planning and customer relations are covered in depth. Numerous theoretical courses related to brand strategy and web marketing are also complemented by practical courses such as seminars, workshops and competitions: highlights of the year for students.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluation

Team Building

Learning to work in a group is a necessary skill for any communication assignment. SP3 students take part in collective intelligence courses and workshops in order to get to know each other better and to encourage collaborative work.


During the year, three competitions are organized: students in communication, creation, strategy, writing and digital work together, in micro-agencies, on concrete issues. This complementarity produces a real qualitative work. They have up to two weeks to respond to a specific strategic, marketing and creative issue.

Strategic planning seminar

Students are immersed in the strategic planning process, in contact with professionals who present them with a brief. They have several days to work on the fundamentals of strategy (context analysis, objectives, insights, etc.), and to produce and present their communication campaign.

Immersive challenges

In groups and on a different theme depending on the campus, students continue to professionalize and work on their versatility, from analysis to creation, including oral presentation, in order to prepare for the second cycle and work-study integration as of next year.

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Our added value

Career Day

Prepare for your specialization through professional conferences, meetings with professionals and dedicated workshops. Create your future!

Professional accompaniment

The business service helps students to find their internship through coaching for their CV and cover letter.

Semester abroad possible

Take advantage of the Eramus+ program in Europe or study at our partner universities around the world.


We teach students to develop their behavioral skills: interpersonal skills, empathy, creativity, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, which will be useful in the workplace.

Free Adobe Suite

To help you learn the creative software, the Adobe suite is available free of charge through your student account for the duration of the undergraduate program.

Quality speakers

All courses are taught by professionals in the field of communication, marketing or creation. The project-based teaching method allows for the application of knowledge.


Proof of a validated Bac+2 (120 ECTS) or a level 5 certification or equivalent in the fields of communication, visual design or creation and to satisfy the admission tests.


This program provides 60 ECTS credits and delivers a state-recognized RNCP titlein the 5th year.

Tuition and Financing

  • Lyon and Bordeaux: 8100 €.
  • Paris: 8200 €.

Back to school and rhythms

Back to school in September

1st semester: September to December
2nd semester: January to March
Mandatory internship: April to July

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