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As soon as they enter Sup de pub, students discover the main lines of advertising creation. In addition to fundamental courses such as communication culture, strategy, English, or the creative studio, he/she is introduced to creative tools: DTP, drawing, rough.

The courses


Core subjects

Semiology, general and artistic culture, Art History, creative law, communication english

Technical teachings

Plastic project, rough, drawing, typography, DTP, creative studio.

Professional life

Business relations, public speaking, communication projects, internships, seminars, competitions.

Objectives, skills and abilities

Learn the basics of communication

The creative track prepares SP1s for the five major creative specialties of Sup de pub: management
art, design and writing, audiovisual production, advertising creation and digital design.

Creative is an integral part of advertisers’ strategies. In an open and competitive ecosystem, the
brands must have creative content if they want to attract consumers. These are all
the creative aspects that SP1s will discover and explore.

Creative is an integral part of advertisers’ strategies. In an open and competitive ecosystem

The first year course is designed to support students in their process
creative. The objective is that they develop their curiosity, identify their inspirations, while
taming the winding path of their creativity. They learn to share and promote their ideas, with
more confidence.

Educational Plus and Evaluation


At the end of the year, a competition is organized: the students work together, in micro-agency, on a
practical case study presented by an advertiser. They have two weeks to answer a problem
strategic, marketing and creative.

Video workshop

Students have one week to write a video script for a brand. The videos

Students have one week to write a video script for a brand. The videos are
then assembled and presented during the final that brings together the best teams.

Back-to-school seminar

Getting to know oneself and others better: the back-to-school seminar helps to support the transition to study
through group work combining collective intelligence, oral expression courses and methodology
of work.

Photo Seminar

Both technical and thematic, this seminar allows students to explore their creativity through a
photographic subject.

Live Masterclasses “We Demain

These are cycles of conferences for SP1, where technological, scientific and societal issues are discussed.
are addressed through inspiring personalities.

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Our added value

Free Adobe Suite

To help you learn the creative software, the Adobe suite is available free of charge through your student account for the duration of the undergraduate program.

Professional accompaniment

The company service helps students find their internship (full-time or alternating). They also benefit from personalized support with CV and cover letter coaching.

Cross-cutting project

Each year, a theme of study is defined to link the skills of several subjects and federate the skills acquired to project oneself towards a professional experience.

Quality speakers

All courses are taught by professionals in the field of communication, marketing or creation. The project-based teaching method allows for the application of knowledge.


Justify a validated Baccalaureate or a certification
level 4, to be interested in the creation and
design, present a creative portfolio (it is preferable not to use Canvas and to prefer the Adobe Suite) and meet the
admission tests.


This program provides 60 ECTS credits and delivers a state-recognized RNCP titlein the 5th year.

Tuition and Financing

  • Lyon and Bordeaux campuses: €7,300
  • Paris Campus: 7 400€.

Back to school and rhythms

Back to school in September

Courses : September to April
Mandatory internship: May to June

Start in February – Paris only

Courses: February to June
Internship: July and August

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