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Why choose the bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy?

Nearly 40 million French people use Facebook, more than 20 million are on Instagram and Tiktok has largely seduced young people. We now spend 1h45 per day on social networks. In ten years, they have become “the place to be” for advertisers who deploy multiple strategies for audience acquisition, community loyalty and recommendation by influencers. The technical nature of these influencer campaigns requires both advanced strategic skills and creative qualities. This two-year program allows students to acquire a range of skills in order to design and implement social media strategies while managing a team and a budget.

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what are the courses in bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy?

Enseignements principaux

First year (1st year postgraduate)

  • Digital strategy and web marketing
  • Communication strategy
  • Influence strategy
  • Content strategy and inbound marketing levers
  • UX strategy
  • Social networks
  • Community management
  • Media planning and social ads
  • Web development / CMS management
  • Marketing automation
  • SEA / SEO
  • Social selling
  • Webanalytics
  • Collaborative management and project management

Second year (BAC+5)

  • Corporate strategy
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Social media strategy
  • Influence marketing
  • Growth hacking and acquisition levers
  • Social Ads
  • SEO / SEA (certification)
  • Content creation and production strategy (podcast, video, editorial)
  • Display and programmatic
  • CRM and customer journey
  • Web analytics
  • Law and RGPD
  • Agile Project Management
  • Speaking and persuasion techniques

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

> Measure the reputation of a brand on social networks and analyze its digital environment.

Knowing how to establish a precise diagnosis of the presence of brands on networks using professional tools, organizing an active watch, detecting new trends – in order to define and steer the company’s digital marketing strategy – are part of the skills program of this course.

> Design a Social Media communication strategy with an objective of notoriety, loyalty or recommendation.

Students learn to imagine, plan and budget a multi-network communication system as part of the definition and implementation of a digital communication strategy. As true project managers, they brief and collaborate with other departments such as IT, web design and customer service.

> Deploy a global multi-network Social Media campaign.

Students will learn the tools and methods for launching and monitoring social media campaigns via the management and coordination of digital marketing tools, as well as the animation of communities: influencers, sponsored and organic campaigns. They also practice amplifying the virality and performance of campaigns through CRM, growth hacking orembush marketing operations.

> Analyze campaign data for optimization.

The program also includes expertise modules centered around web analytics and data-driven marketing targeting strategies.

> Manage a project and a multidisciplinary team.

Collaboration, decision making and even management are professional skills that students experiment with on a daily basis during practical work, workshops and simulations, in order to be able to manage any agencies that work in digital and communication, as well as helping to manage a team.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluations

The validation of the year is done by obtaining 120 ECTS by different evaluation methods (case study, simulation, questionnaire ….). Time in the workplace is also required.

Competitions :

It is a professional situation. For two weeks, our students work on a real client brief presented by the agency and/or advertiser to respond to a strategic, marketing or creative issue. This transversal work is carried out collectively with a distribution of expectations according to skills, in the form of an agency proposal.

Big talk:

At the end of the year, the students present their arguments to a jury of professionals on a topic of monitoring and trends in the fields of communication and marketing and defend their point of view.

The professional project: Create your own start-up

The students form mixed project groups between the different specialties in order to carry out this common thread. You will have one year to acquire the entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to create your own fictitious start-up. Those who wish to do so, will have the possibility to join the Omnes Education incubator to be accompanied in order to really deploy their concept.

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Our added value

Quality speakers

The courses are all led by professionals from the communication, marketing or business sectors.
creation. The pedagogy allows the application of knowledge.

Professional accompaniment

The company service helps students find their internship (full-time or alternating). They also benefit from personalized support with CV and cover letter coaching.


The program focuses on immersive situations and innovative formats that punctuate the year (conferences, visits, bootcamp, hackathon).

EN bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy ?

Proof of a validated Bac+3 (180 ECTS) or, for parallel admission, a Bac+4 (240 ECTS), a level 6 certification or equivalent, primarily in the fields of communication and marketing, and to satisfy the institution’s selection tests (or equivalent in the case of a foreign candidate)

What certification is issued
in bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy ?

This program leads to RNCP certification as a “Digital Strategy Manager (currently under review).

Certification skills block
Block 1 –
Defining a digital strategy
Block 2 – Prepare and organize the operational implementation of the digital strategy
Block 3 – Managing and designing the project with the relevant players and stakeholders
Block 4 – Steering and managing project performance
Block 5 – Managing social media strategy

What are the tuition fees
in bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy ?

  • Paris campus: 21 450€.
    (For one-year contracts in the Bac+5 program: 10 950€)
    (For a one-year contract in initial Bac+5: 10 450€)

What are the back-to-school hours and rhythms
in bac+4/5 digital marketing & strategy ?

Back to school in September

Pace: Alternating for 24 months starting in September.

See the alternation schedules

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Les chiffres clés


Taux d’insertion professionnelle


Taux de diplomation


heures de cours


élèves par groupe au maximum

Trades and
career opportunities

  • Social Media Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Ads Manager
  • Social Data Scientist
  • Community Manager
  • Internal Communication Project Manager

(Indicative salary on hiring: 28-34k€)

Updated 30 May 2023