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Why choose the Bachelor Exchange – Brand Strategy ?

In a constantly evolving landscape, where technological revolutions and consumer expectations reshape the communication landscape, our Brand Strategy program emerges as a relevant answer. This third year of bachelor aims to equip students with essential skills in strategy, creativity, and project management, while offering the opportunity to enhance their English proficiency and explore new horizons through a semester of study abroad.

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What courses are offered in the Bachelor Exchange – Brand Strategy ?

Main courses

  • Professional outlook
  • Benchmarking
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategy and communication plan
  • Corporate communication and CSR
  • Digital strategy and web marketing
  • Brand content and content strategy
  • UX/CX research
  • Media planning
  • Marketing and studies
  • Press relations, events, and influencer strategy
  • Creative studio
  • Copywriting
  • Crisis/reputation management
  • Legal framework
  • KPIs and performance
  • Project management
  • Quality standards
  • Budgeting
  • Planner humanities
  • Society, foresight, and CSR
  • English communication
  • Strategic seminar
  • Project management
  • Public speaking
  • Professional stance
  • Team management

You will learn

You’ll step behind the scenes of a communication strategy, from defining its objectives to measuring its effectiveness. The curriculum covers analytical skills (market analysis, trend analysis, audience analysis) and operational methods (budget management, schedule management, vendor management) to successfully carry out your project.

You will be introduced to production to translate, both in words and images, the brand’s messages. The aim is to create creative and impactful content and materials for the target audience — and in line with the brand’s universe. It’s also an opportunity to explore the specifics and constraints of various media (print, digital, social).

You will finally discover the professional universe of communication and marketing: the related professions, the functioning of communication and marketing departments within a company, that of an agency — and the relationships between the two… A way to map the sector to better navigate it, and find your affinities within it.

assessment methods

The diploma is obtained by acquiring 60 ECTS through various assessment methods (case studies, simulations, surveys…). Time spent in a company is also required.

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Sup de Pub students

what sets us apart

Interactive and personalized learning

Through our Omnes online platform, we offer a unique learning experience, personalized and enriched by digital advancements. Inspired by series and video games, our engaging and scripted formats aim to arouse curiosity and engagement among students. The goal is to enable learning in a different, playful, and interactive way.

quality speaker

Our professional speakers, all experienced and passionate, are regularly accompanied and trained in the latest pedagogical methods. They ensure that each course is a rewarding and relevant experience for our students.

access to an influential network

By joining Sup de Pub, you benefit from privileged access to an active network of 13,000 alumni, an influential professional community within numerous brands. This connection opens up multiple opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, thus strengthening your professional journey.

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor Exchange – Brand Strategy ?

Having completed a validated Bac+2 (120 ECTS) or holding an equivalent Level 5 qualification, preferably in the fields of communication, advertising, or marketing, and meeting the selection criteria of the institution (or equivalent for international candidates).

What certification is awarded in the Bachelor Exchange – Brand Strategy ?

This program provides 60 ECTS credits to validate a Bachelor’s level (180 credits in total) and awards an RNCP title recognized by the State upon continuation of studies in the fifth year.

What are the tuition fees for the Bachelor Exchange – Brand Strategy ?

In initial
Lyon8 900€
Paris9 000€

What are the start dates for the Bachelor in Brand Strategy ?

september intake

  • Semester 1: on Sup de Pub’s campus
  • Semester 2: on the campus of one of our 45 partner universities or schools

What are the target professions and career prospects for the bachelor in brand strategy ?

  • Communication Officer
  • Internal Communication Officer
  • External Communication Officer
  • Corporate Communication Officer
  • Press Relations Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Manager

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