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SP5 Political Communications and Lobbying

SP5 Political Communications and Lobbying


Double Diploma HEIP / Sup de Pub

This double diploma program proposed in collaboration with HEIP allows young graduates to understand and master the issues and consequences of political decisions in economic and social matters both in France and internationally.

We train future leaders and specialists in political communication and lobbying that are able to integrate easily into public institutions, private institutions or specialized law firms and who work daily to serve citizens in local authorities or national institutions. This programme also covers the functioning of political institutions, elected representatives and elective processes.

Students may start this programme at the beginning of their fourth year or in their fifth year with the required prerequisites.

The fourth year is completed in Paris at HIEP. The fifth year at Sup de Pub may be completed in either Paris or London. Studying in London (full-time course + internship) allows students to familiarize themselves with specific British issues: Brexit, relations with European institutions, multilateral relations. To graduate students must complete a thesis project which they must defend to a mixed HEIP - SUP of PUB jury.


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Cursus à Londres : Un an de programme réparti de la façon suivante : Six mois de cours et six mois de stage en entreprise. La soutenance du projet de fin d’étude aura lieu en Septembre 2018.

Core Courses

  • Digital Communication and Social Media
  • Understanding Britain
  • Advanced Integrated English
  • Doing Business in the UK

Current Political Tendencies and Communications

  • The Rise of Populism and Nationalism
  • The Right/Left Spectrum Across Europe
  • Multilateralism
  • The Future of the EU

Political Communication

  • Political Philosophies and Communication
  • Public Affairs and Political Parties
  • Public Affairs, Organisations and Stakeholders

Political Communications: Structures and Practices of the Public Affairs Industry

  • London: Lobbying and Public Affairs in the UK: Brexit and Impact by Sector
  • Brussels: Lobbying EU Institutions, Pressure Points, Euroscepticism and the Changing Nature of Communications
  • Washington D.C: Lobbying in the U.S.A, Navigating Congress and The U.S Judiciary and Foreign Security Policy
  • Crisis Communications

Shaping and Responding to Public Opinion

  • Political Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Not-for-Profit Communications
  • Scottish Referendum and Public Opinion: Case study

Project Work

  • Mount a Campaign to Shape Public Opinion

Planning SP5 en 12 mois

septembre octobre novembre décembre janvier février mars avril mai juin juillet août septembre
Cours SP5 à temps plein Stage à temps plein Soutenance du mémoire

Les étudiants SP4 peuvent également intégrer SP5 directement à la fin de la période d’alternance en SP4 en Avril 2018 selon une formule accélérée SP4 + SP5 en 20 Mois.

- Rentrée : Septembre
- Cours SP5 : en alternance, de Septembre à Janvier (rythme : 3 jours école / 2 jours entreprise)
- Période à temps plein en entreprise de 7 mois, de Février à Août
- Soutenance du mémoire : Fin Septembre
Sup de Pub est membre du Groupe INSEEC.

Le Groupe INSEEC, leader de l'enseignement supérieur privé en France, propose une large gamme de programmes de Bac à Bac+8 en formation initiale et continue... Campus à Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Chambéry, Genève, Monaco, Londres, Shanghai et San Francisco.

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