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SP5 International Brand Strategy & Marketing

SP5 International Brand Strategy & Marketing


An extra boost towards an international career in communication

This MBA program is available in English, in Paris or London. It prepares students for a job as an Advertising Manager, Account Planner or Marketing Manager. Brand Strategy is the emblematic profession of consulting agencies worldwide. Account planners handle one or several accounts worth millions of Euros.

In London and San Francisco, this program has been built by Sup de Pub and it partner: the School of Communication Art (SCA) in London. It allows rapid integration into a professional environment where Sup de Pub is a well-known and respected institution for the past 30 years.

Two competitions enrich the program, the best Parisian teams makes the trip to London to face off against the London winner.

This program delivers, under authority of the MSc & MBA -INSEEC Bordeaux- , a title of Trade and Marketing Manager, certified level I by the CNCP.

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Mentor of the Brand Strategy program in Paris

Samuel Cranston studied Music and Zoolology before becoming a long-time British resident in Paris. He started working in advertising as a translator and then became a freelance copywriter and consultant, helping both advertisers and their agencies to craft more effective international strategies especially where cultural sensitivities are concerned. His clients have included Sony, several international exhibitions (EXPOSIUM, SIAL CHINA, AGORA, ELEC...), Seat, Hard Rock Café, Planet Hollywood, Eco-Tibet, Patagonia, Microsoft, Publicis, Grey, MDIC, etc.

Samuel Cranston believes that advertising should tell more truth than lies and strive to understand consumers more deeply so as to create friendlier and more relevant campaigns on their wavelength. According to him, advertising is at its best when it is truly artistic, meaningful, and stretches our minds pushing us forward in some positive way.

At Sup de Pub, he encourages students in our MA communication to be curious about everything that surrounds them, believing that a more versatile approach to marketing communications will help them to succeed in an industry that is continuously pushing its boundaries. Other activities and interests include music of all sorts (guitarist, violinist), languages, traveling, natural history, cuisine.

Arthur PEREZ

Arthur PEREZ

Mentor of the Brand Strategy program in London

Arthur Perez is an integrated strategist working in East London. He started out as a Brand Strategist with Havas Worldwide Paris on EDF before long-jumping to London, where he won creative and effectiveness awards for his client British Sugar at BD Network. In addition of the energy sector and FMCGs (Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Sony to name a few), Arthur has four years of experience in the automotive industry where he was in charge of the digital strategy for Nissan and Peugeot.

In 2014, he became the mentor of Brand Strategy at INSEEC London to share his knowledge with the new generation of marketers. He currently works at Forever Beta helping Google meets its B2B objectives.

SP5 Brand Strategy à Paris

U1 - International Dimension

  • Geopolitics
  • News conferences

U2 - Linguistic Tools

  • Advertising English
  • Preparation for TOEIC

U3 - Competitions & Working Life

  • 1 Competition
  • Methodology
  • Seminar

U4 - International Brand Strategy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Account Planning
  • e-Business
  • Media Strategy
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Trendspotting

  • Digital Planning
  • International Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Social Media
  • PR Strategies
  • International Campaign
  • Marketing Research

Internship (6 months)

SP5 Brand Strategy à Londres

U1 -The UK Advertising Scene

  • The World of Agencies: London Ad Capital
  • Media Trends and British Brands
  • Language in British Film and Television
  • Evolution of Advertising from 19th to 21st Century
  • UK Advertising Restrictions: Children, Gambling, Alcoho, Tobacco
  • Anatomy of an Agency

U2 - Technical Courses

  • Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Tactics for Brands
  • Brand Strategy: Digital Applications
  • Comms and Media Planning
  • Emergency Response Unit
  • Digital Advertising

U3 - Professional Tools

  • Public Speaking
  • English for Business Communication
  • Fundamentals of Business
  • SP5 Professional Project
  • SP5 Professional Project Mentoring

U4 - International Brand Strategy and Marketing

  • Brand Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Brand workshop and Case Studies
  • Thinking about Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Shopper/Below-the-Line-Marketing
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Trendspotting
  • Brands and Innovation Marketing
  • Purpose Driven Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour Research
  • Neuromarketing
  • Brands and Ethnographic Research

U5 - Masterclasses

  • School of Communication Arts Workshops
  • One-Day Pitch Workshop
  • Online Communities & Co-Creation
  • Sustainable Brand Strategies
  • Find a Job in the UK
  • Advertising Recruitment in the UK
  • Marketing - London Ad Scene
  • Building Formidable Brands - Guest Lecture

Principaux cours

  • Management theory
  • Corporate governance
  • Médias economics
  • Médias Laws
  • Theory of Communication
  • Communication psychology
  • Strategics models (Competition)
  • Strategic Processes in practice
  • Interdisciplinary Project

Planning 5e année (SP5) : Rentrée en mars

SP5 International Brand Strategy
2016 2017
mars avril mai juin juil août sept oct nov déc janv fév
Rentrée Cours SP5 à temps plein Stage à temps plein Soutenance

5e année (SP5) anglophone à Paris et Londres :
- Rentrée : en Mars 2016
- Cours SP5 à temps plein : de Mars 2016 à Août 2016 inclus
- Stage à temps plein : de Septembre 2016 à Février 2017 inclus
- Soutenance du projet professionnel : en Février 2017

Planning 5e année (SP5) : Rentrée en septembre

SP5 International Brand Strategy
2016 2017
sept oct nov déc janv févr mars avril mai juin juil août
Rentrée Cours SP5 à temps plein Stage à temps plein Soutenance

5e année (SP5) anglophone à Paris et Londres :
- Rentrée : en Septembre 2016
- Cours SP5 à temps plein : de Septembre 2016 à Février 2017 inclus
- Stage à temps plein : de Mars à Août 2017 inclus
- Soutenance du projet professionnel : en Août 2017

Sup de Pub est membre du Groupe INSEEC.

Le Groupe INSEEC, leader de l'enseignement supérieur privé en France, propose une large gamme de programmes de Bac à Bac+8 en formation initiale et continue... Campus à Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Chambéry, Genève, Monaco, Londres, Shanghai et San Francisco.

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