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why choose the bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?

France is a clear world leader in all things luxury making a Luxury Brand Communication program a perfect fit with its Paris location and its connections with industry professionals.

Accessible to people with disabilities.

what are THE COURSES in bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?


  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategic Design
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Trade Marketing & CRM
  • Merchandising strategy
  • Event management
  • Communication, PR & Sponsoring
  • Scenography in advertising


To perfectly master technics and high standards of Luxury

This program teaches students to define a corporate business strategy and to coordinate the implementation
of marketing and communication actions using the specific codes of the luxury sector. Recruiters are thrilled
that our graduates have mastered, by the end of this program, the codes and specific tools used across all
luxury brand markets.This 4th-year-program is the first step into the world of luxury. It explores various topics
such as brand management, product development, media and strategic planning, digital marketing, public
relations, merchandising, event planning through the lens of luxury brands. There is a strong focus on fashion,
fashion accessories, and watches with courses dedicated to the Luxury hotels sector as well. Other topics
include design, well-being and, of course, the food industry (wine and champagne).

This program taught completely in English is delivered by professionals working in the luxury field, both in France and abroad. This will allow our students to get a behind-the-scenes view of a luxury workplace and build their professional network, at the same time. Our alumni are working in world-renowned luxury brands and boutique agencies specialized in the luxury sector.


Your 60 ECTS accreditation is obtained through different types of evaluations (study cases, workshops,
quizzes…). An internship or apprenticeship depending on your program is also required.


One of our students’ favourite moments of the school year is the final competition. For more than a week,
students, working in interdisciplinary groups, work on a practical case presented by a large advertiser or a
large agency, to answer a specific strategic, marketing or creative problem. Creative students, strategists, PR, media and digital specialists all work together with the goal of using their various skills to create a real solution of professional quality.

This working paper completes the training period for the SP4 students in the different international programs in Paris, London, San Francisco and New-York. This is a written evaluation that will validate their research, strategic and analytic skills.

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Our added value

Quality speakers

The classes are all led by professionals from the
communication, marketing or creative sector. Emphasis is placed on immersive or reverse pedagogy.

Professional support

Students can find their internship with the help of our Career Center. They help them with coaching,
resume writing, job search.

what are the conditions of admission in bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?

  • To justify a validated Bac+3 (180 ECTS), or a certification of level 6 or equal, as a priority in the communication, marketing, management fields and fulfill the entry tests.
  • Have a good level in English, justified by a TOEIC 680 or recognized certificate (B2 level minimum).

which certification is issued in bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?

This program delivers the RNCP certification ” Communication and Marketing Manager ” of level 7 (RNCP code 34492 | certificate code 16X32020).

what are the tuition fees in bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?

  • Paris Campus : 22 450€ (For one-year contracts in Bac+5 : 10 950€)

what are the back to school and rhythms in bac+4/5 Luxury brand communication & marketing ?

Back to school in September
Classes : September to December
Internship : 6-month internship 2nd semester

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