Pedagogical innovation is at the heart of our school’s strategy.

Since its inception in 1986, Sup de Pub has continuously up-dated its pedagogy by creating new and original modules adapted to the realities of the professional world and the demand of companies.
The training offered by Sup de Pub is intended to be as operational as possible and plunges the students into situations similar to those that they will face in their internships and later in their professional lives.

The Agency Competitions

Sup de Pub created a system of agency competitions in order simulate, as far as possible, the pitching process in agencies.

An intensive collaborative experience close to the real thing

During an intensive week, the students work on a brief presented by a major advertiser or agency in order to find a creative, strategic or marketing solution to the issue at hand. The diversity of programs at Sup de Pub make it possible to bring together students specialised in creative, strategy, media, digital and  PR  so that the resulting teams, with their different skills,  can produce top quality work of a professional standard.


Program highlights  from SP3 to SP5

The competitions at Sup de Pub take place 3 or 4 times a year and play a crucial role in the pedagogical framework of the 3rd, 4th and 5th years (SP3, SP4 and SP5). Disappointment, enthusiasm, incomprehension or exaltation,  whatever the outcomes for the students participating, these competitions constitute climactic moments in the life of the school.   The intercity competition in the third year (SP3) brings together every year over 500 students from the three French campuses, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.  The 5th year (SP5) January competition, on the other hand; brings together the students from the Paris and London campuses.

Brief sous la mer dans l’Eurostar

pour Surfrider Foundation (Sup de Pub)

Nuit de la Communication de Crise : 8h pour gérer une crise

Sup de Pub Bordeaux

The Family

Challenge Start Up (Sup de Pub)

Devenir un pro de la com et de l’image sur Instagram

Sup de Pub Inside

Sup de Pub Inside is a 5-day event in which a number of managers from major companies visit the school in order to share their strategies, expertise and vision. Thanks to these face-to-face encounters, our 4th year students have the opportunity to  discover new processes and organisational models being adopted by the corporate world and to discuss with the visitors how the new multi-disciplinary skills, acquired during their studies, can be implemented tranversally across different functions in the company.

Sup de Pub Outside

Thanks to Sup de Pub’s numerous contacts in the professional world, the school is able to offer company visits to students during half a day to several days.  Depending on their year of study, student also have the opportunity to visit  the Pompidou Centre  and the Museum of Decorative Arts where they can exchange ideas with the different teams from the various communication poles. They also attend various television shows such as  « Le Grand Journal », or radio transmissions such as  Radio France and  Radio Nova, and in some cases, parliamentary sessions at the French Assemblée Générale (Parliament)

Sup de Pub Reversal Day

This is a one-day opportunity for 3rd year students (SP3) to change places with other students in other programs to discover other specialisations. Several different workshops are set up offering the possibility for each student to discover the 6 specialised programs   available at Sup de Pub as well as the different jobs and careers that these courses prepare for.

Julie Gayet à Sup de Pub

Masterclass 2017

Gaspard Gantzer

Fondateur de l’agence “2017” et ancien Conseiller Politique

Audrey Pulvar

Journaliste – Master Class 2017

Christophe Michalak

Chef Pâtissier, Animateur


30 years of expertise, 30 years of networking, and 30 years of top professional contacts make  Sup de Pub the place to be if you want to meet influential people from the world of communication and showbiz!  Direct contact with high-profile guest speakers in a full amphitheater to whom you can ask questions and later show your portfolio, give your CV or contact details, is an experience not to be missed!  Over ther years, many famous and influential personalities have  graced Sup de Pub with their presence,  with one idea in mind, to recruit interns and future employees especially among our Master students.


The students’ mission is to present their portfolio to a professional jury. The idea? To anticipate as far as possible, the professional world and to prepare for their internships in the best possible conditions by optimising their portfolio.