“Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.” – Mark Twain

New York’s Program

In the luxury market, selling a lifestyle and tapping into the aspirations of consumers is a motivation to buy often as significant as product innovation and quality. As a result, communication has long been a fundamental cornerstone of any luxury business. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges, including the nature of the target market, the importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image and the nature of the distribution system.

Where once luxury marketing focused on print media and unilateral broadcasts by a brand, today it seeks to create a dialogue between brand and consumer. Traditional media, remain in effect, but the digital and non-media strategies such as sponsoring and events have developed significantly. Confronted with these changes and new technologies, the luxury industry is developing new strategies, in terms of digital, connected objects or experiential merchandising.

This new program developed by Sup de Pub and the ESCE aims to cover all the communication aspects of luxury sector to allow our students to fully understand the evolving luxury market, our program covers a diverse array of topics including: American Luxury Markets, Creative Communication, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills with specific focus on their application in the luxury sector; particularly in the areas of fashion and the arts.

Students will study at our partner Baruch College in the Flatiron District of midtown Manhattan from September until December. Students will also benefit from guest speakers, panel discussions and company visits as well as networking events permitting them to enter the job market with the knowledge to conquer the luxury market.

Thanks to our partner Baruch College, students will also benefit from a visa which grants them the possibility to complete a 3-month internship in the USA without the hassle and cost of an additional visa. This opportunity is an excellent stepping stone for our students who wish to continue their careers in the US; allowing them to broaden their professional network.

The capstone project for this program is a professional project.

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The program in details



  • Fashion, Beauty & Luxury markets in the US
  • Leadership Skills for the Fashion Industry
  • Creative Communication for Luxury Brands
  • Digital Marketing in Fashion, Luxury & Arts
  • Entrepreneurship in Luxury & Arts

Course Related Activities:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Industry Related Business Site Visits
  • Panel discussions

Other Activities:

  • Program Orientation
  • Baruch International Networking Event
  • Sub de Pub Alumni Reception
  • Completion Ceremony


If you want to meet the hottest Who’s Who in today’s show biz and communications world, Sup de Pub is the place to be!

Our intense Master Class is as inspiring as it is informative. The only thing more exciting than seeing a huge star explain his or her secrets of success in a packed auditorium, is the possibility of meeting this icon afterwards to pass on your business card or CV. This is exactly what has been happening at Sup de Pub for years. Big names in the business grace the auditorium stage for the sole purpose of recruiting interns and future employees from our Masters students.

Recent celebrity guests include France 2’s Nathalie Saint-Cricq, former Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot, jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc, and film score composer Alex Jaffray, who have all graced the same stage as our geopolitics professor, Stéphane Saliège.

Some of the recent visiting business leaders in our industry include Thierry Jadot and Fabien Leroux of the Dentsu Aegis Network, Abel Bounane from Bright, Thierry Wellhoff for Wellcom, Françoise Hernaez-Fournier from IPSOS, Stéphane Hauser from IAB France, David-Alexandre Kingbeil from Graine de luxe, Stéphane Gaubert for Les Gaulois, Hani Ramzi from licontact, and Isabelle Rouhan from Facebook

Professional Project

At the end of their fifth year, students go before a jury to explain and defend their Professional Project which they’ve prepared throughout the year. This is the last step to receiving a diploma before beginning a career either in France or abroad. These INSEEC MBA and MS degrees have proven value on alumnus cvs and pave the way to an extraordinary future.

Sup de Pub also fosters an entrepreneurial environment by selecting top business plans from competing students to sponsor for a year and to include in the INSEEC Group’s business incubator as well as two other partner incubators.

Work study

Full-time program + internship in a company

The year is organized according to the following pattern:
During the first semester, students follow the courses on full-time basis.
In the second semester, they have a mandatory internship of 6 months in a company.

They defend their professional project at the end of the curriculum.
The internship can be done either in France or abroad.


This Masters Program prepares students for a variety of career paths such as :

Brand manager
Brand manager is a fairly new profession. It consists in supporting a brand in the development of its image, in the employees; adherence to company values, etc. Its main mission is to give a soul to a brand; to humanize it and to create a link between it and the consumer. Closely connected to the marketing department, the brand manager can be a freelance or an employee of the company.

Trend researcher
As the term luxury encompasses many areas, so does the term trend researcher. Brands are supported by teams that scrutinize, analyze and identify trends and innovations. The goal ? Position yourself in fashionable niches, good materials, good colors, good shapes, etc. This applies in many branches of luxury from for ready-to- wear to luxury furniture or even watches or hotel or gourmet products.

Sales manager
As a Sales Manager, you manage the development of sales as well as products for your media sector (online, digital, magazines…). In terms of sales you are responsible for the growth and development of our customers in the top segments of different sectors. Your mission is to expand the existing customers base and build new relationships. It is also crucial to think about the development of new products. It is the job of the sales manager to question the status quo and identify new opportunities. To achieve this goal you create targeted communication and marketing solutions. As the manager of your segment, you will manage a small team. You develop goals and motivate your employees. In addition, you work closely with internal and external partners to build new products.

Marketing director
The Marketing Director occupies a key position within the company (often on the Management Committee) and is both a strategist and a manager. He develops marketing plans (market analysis, determination of targets, action plan, choice of advertising focus …) and designs operations to develop the sale of the company’s goods or services. The marketing director guarantees that company’s position by using the functional areas of marketing: strategy, product / brand, operational, etc.)


« L’une de mes missions chez Cartier est la mise en place et le déploiement de la stratégie « owned media » sur les sites Cartier et sur les réseaux sociaux. J’interviens en tant que coordinateur digital au sein du département Communication auprès des différents départements et en étroite collaboration avec les filiales. J’ai appris les bases de mon métier à Sup de Pub, et surtout j’ai pu trouver des stages qui m’ont permis d’être rapidement opérationnel. »

Maxime Chevalier, International digital manager chez CARTIER, promo 2007

« Après être passé par Publicis Conseil, je m’occupe aujourd’hui de la conception-rédaction pour le Département Luxe pour les comptes Lancôme et Cartier. Mon Master 2 à Sup de Pub a été un véritable tremplin pour intégrer les agences de publicité, en grande partie grâce à un rythme d’alternance qui laisse une large place à la professionnalisation et l’intégration dans l’entreprise. »

Mikaël Acourt, concepteur-rédacteur chez PUBLICIS 133, département Luxe, promo 2017

Témoigne vidéo de Philip THOMAS, CEO ASCENTIAL EVENTS

Planning 5e année (SP5)

Rentrée en septembre

Septembre : Rentrée
De septembre à mi-décembre : Cours à NYC à temps plein
De janvier à août : 6 mois de stage
Possibilité de faire un stage à NYC : de janvier à avril
Septembre : Soutenance

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