Codes in the Luxury sector / Brand Strategy / Merchandising

Paris is world-renowned for luxury, making it the perfect place to learn about this market : its history, codes and values through classes and projects as well as visits.


Bac+4, TOEIC : 680, B2 Level, a good general culture, to be in constant watch over the news, to be really interested in the luxury world.


Sales manager
Marketing director

455 hours
60 ECTS crédits

Titre Certifié par l’Etat niveau I (Fr) et Niveau 7 (Européen)
Manager de la communication et du marketing digital option Luxury brand communication and Marketing
Code RNCP 23639

Our added value

Work-linked training is possible for students who follow the Paris Program

Students can find their company thanks to the Career Center such as « contrat de professionnalisation, contrat d’apprentissage, convention PPE »… They also help them for interview coaching, resume writing, job search…

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