The Creative Vision of British Agencies.

Un programme d’excellence à Paris où à Londres

London is a capital for marketing, particularly, creative advertising. British agencies are world renowned for their original ideas. Offered in London since 2008, this 5th year program allows our students to be immersed in the Anglo-Saxon creative process.
En 2018, ce programme d’excellence ouvre également à Paris, il est réservé aux meilleurs élèves de 4 ème année SUP de PUB, SUP de CREATION et CREA Genève. Quelques élèves externes peuvent être admis s’ils possèdent un book créatif structuré et un ou deux stages long terme en entreprise.

The London program

This year-long program taught entirely in English consists of classes full time from the beginning of September until the end of January followed by a six-month internship and a professional project which students will defend the following September. The goal of the professional project is to write a business plan and found a real company or product in the communication and digital sectors. Students working teams of two or three and defend their project to a jury of professionals. The best projects have the opportunity to receive support from INSEEC in the form of incubator space.

The goal of this program is to introduce students to art direction. They will receive both theoretical knowledge as well as practical insights into the design, production and placement of advertising campaigns from courses taught by professionals within the film industry. Students will take away sound knowledge of the conception, production and delivery processes that go with creating an advertising campaign.

Our London partner school The School of Communication Arts, under the direction of Marc Lewis, is internationally recognized as one of the best advertising establishment in terms of creative thinking and strategy. INSEEC School of Communications students spend one day a week at SCA working directly with their students. They are immersed throughout the semester with their English counterparts and work on the same briefs and workshops. This module is particularly effective and allows students to make rapid progress in creative thinking and utilization of digital tools.

Le programme à Paris

Ce programme est proposé à Paris à partir du mois d’Octobre en alternance école- entreprise. Les cours ont lieu en français et les rendus de projet en anglais, il dure un an. Il se compose de 8 séminaires thématiques d’une semaine et d’une journée de cours un vendredi sur 2.
Les cours se déroulent toute l’année, chaque séminaire est organisé autour d’un thème précis.
Les cours du vendredi sont plus particulièrement destinés à la réalisation et à l’amélioration du book ainsi qu’à la préparation du projet professionnel de fin d’études.

Je cherche à en savoir plus

The program in details


U1 – UK Culture and Background

  • Introduction to Great Britain
  • Analysis of Best British Ads
  • Geopolitics & News Reviews
  • Trendspotting & Global Market

U2 – Technical Courses

  • Digital Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Alternative Media Field Project
  • Marketing Mobile
  • Strategy for Digital Branding
  • Social Networks

U3 – Professional Cases

  • Competition
  • One-Day Pitch Workshop
  • Methodology / Project Mentoring
  • Conferences / Workshops SCA

U4 – Art Direction

  • Art Direction for TVC’s and Short Videos
  • Video and Motion Graphics
  • Digital Design
  • Portfolio
  • Experience and Event Design
  • New Design Technologies

U5 – Management

  • Financial Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Company Law
  • Business Plan
  • Professional Project


Détail des séminaires proposés

  • Creativity and Luxury (Agence BETC LUXE)
  • Creativity and Media (TF1 + Facebook)
  • DATA et créativité (Maths and Magic) avec l’ECE (Ecole d’ingénieurs)
  • Créativité et digital (Buzzman)
  • International Creativity (Master London + Mother)
  • Créativité et Influence (HEIP + Havas)
  • Creativity and Sport (Havas Sport + CESNI)


If you want to meet the hottest Who’s Who in today’s show biz and communications world, Sup de Pub is the place to be!

Our intense Master Class is as inspiring as it is informative. The only thing more exciting than seeing a huge star explain his or her secrets of success in a packed auditorium, is the possibility of meeting this icon afterwards to pass on your business card or CV. This is exactly what has been happening at Sup de Pub for years. Big names in the business grace the auditorium stage for the sole purpose of recruiting interns and future employees from our Masters students.

Recent celebrity guests include France 2’s Nathalie Saint-Cricq, former Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot, jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc, and film score composer Alex Jaffray, who have all graced the same stage as our geopolitics professor, Stéphane Saliège.

Some of the recent visiting business leaders in our industry include Thierry Jadot and Fabien Leroux of the Dentsu Aegis Network, Abel Bounane from Bright, Thierry Wellhoff for Wellcom, Françoise Hernaez-Fournier from IPSOS, Stéphane Hauser from IAB France, David-Alexandre Kingbeil from Graine de luxe, Stéphane Gaubert for Les Gaulois, Hani Ramzi from licontact, and Isabelle Rouhan from Facebook.

Professional project

At the end of their fifth year, students go before a jury to explain and defend their Professional Project which they’ve prepared throughout the year. This is the last step to receiving a diploma before beginning a career either in France or abroad. These INSEEC MBA and MS degrees have proven value on alumnus cvs and pave the way to an extraordinary future.

Sup de Pub also fosters an entrepreneurial environment by selecting top business plans from competing students to sponsor for a year and to include in the INSEEC Group’s business incubator as well as two other partner incubators.

Work study

Rythme plein-temps + Stage en Entreprise

L’année s’organise selon le rythme suivant:
Durant le premier semestre les étudiants suivent les cours à plein-temps.
Au second semestre, ils ont une période de stage de 6 mois en Entreprise.
Ils soutiennent leur projet professionnel en fin de cursus.
Le stage en Entreprise peut être réalisé en France ou à l’étranger.

Les étudiants SP4 peuvent également intégrer SP5 directement à la fin de la période de cours à plein-temps selon une formule accélérée SP4 + SP5 en 18 Mois.


The Sup de Pub Masters Program prepares students for various career paths, such as…

Motion Graphics Designer/Motion Designer
A Motion Graphics Designer creates complex graphics, animation and live video content for smartphones, handheld electronic devices, the web and television, etc. Other projects can include title and post-production work, as well as multimedia campaigns, promotion products, technical illustrations and computer artwork. 2D and 3D animation is becoming increasingly popular in this profession. Motion Graphic Designers are an integral part of the creative process, from conceptualization to storyboard and editing.

Web Designer
A Web Designer develops and creates the look, layout and features of websites and associated applications. This position requires a strong proficiency in graphic design and computer programming. Web Designers work closely with development managers to keep sites up-to- date and relevant to their audience. Job duties include writing and editing content, designing layout, understanding technical requirements, updating sites, backing up information and troubleshooting or fixing problems.

Art Director
An Art Director establishes the visual identity (the conceptual themes and style direction) of a project, such as advertising, product packaging, print media, movies, events and more. Art Directors focus mostly on creative but also act as the main liaison between clients and the design team and must be able to understand a client’s needs and translate that into a creative concept. They also work closely on project schedules and budgets. Skills in strong graphic design, people management and collaboration are a must, and a solid understanding of marketing and advertising principles is also important.

Web Copywriter/Content Editor
A Web Copywriter/Content editor is responsible for all aspects of content including development, design, production, presentation, evaluation and analysis. Tasked with producing the written content that is combined with visual elements in promotional material, this person writes slogans, radio and TV scripts, Internet content, and provides written material for everything from sales letters and catalog copy to white papers and email campaigns. Using data and feedback from users to help evaluate and enhance the value of a set of written materials and websites, working closely with the Art Director, this person may also produce material for publication, so must possess excellent writing and editing skills, as well as understand how to write for the Web and the wide variety of devices that can access the Internet.


« To succeed as an AD, of course you need different internships and various professional experiences to refine your work, but most of all you have to follow your gut. It helps to find an amazing Writer with whom you can work alongside seamlessly. I was lucky enough to find someone that I really get along with. When we’re alone, we are never sure if we have a good idea that’s never been done. You can’t be content with just a good idea, you have to have a good idea across the right platform. You need to find inspiration all around you and remember that the biggest mistake you can make is to grow old too quickly. »

Louis AUDARD, Creative Director, BUZMAN Agency
Cannes Lions Award in 2017 for an Ubisoft campaign

Bas KORSTEN, Creative Partner at JWT Amsterdam

Planning 5e année (SP5)

Rentrée en avril

Avril : Rentrée
De avril à fin août : Cours SP5 à temps plein
De septembre à fin janvier : Stage à temps plein
Février : Soutenance

Planning 5e année (SP5)

Rentrée en septembre

Septembre : Rentrée
De octobre à fin février : Cours SP5 à temps plein
De mars à fin juillet : Stage à temps plein
Aoû: Soutenance

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