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Innovation / Entrepreneurship / Digital Strategy

INSEEC School of Communication was the first communication school to create higher education courses in digital marketing and e-commerce. Offered
in Paris for since 2008, now including a San Francisco “Bootcamp”, this program is for students who would like to specialize in digital media marketing
and strategy and who wish to implement and manage complex digital strategies for advertisers.

Goals, skills and abilities

Our program follows closely the many technical developments used by major players in the new technologies and social networks for digital marketing, data marketing, brand content and massive use of behavioural databases. It trains our students to be high-level digital project managers across a wide array of sectors. The digital sector is rapidly expanding which enables many employment opportunities whether in France or abroad.

This master allows students to manage customer relations, but also to manage a budget in their campaign. At the end of the year and thanks to all the school projects, they also can coordinate a team.

Particularly efficient for a fast integration into the world of work, this 4th year program is delivered completely in English. It is one of the program offered by INSEEC School of Communication in Paris, and the only one that includes a 10-week period of professional seminars about entrepreneurship and digital skills in the San Francisco office where students will benefit from a membership and training with TechShop, high level conferences, guest lectures, visits to tech giants and local startups as well as networking events.

The fact sheet is a Non-contractual information document


Bac+3, B2 Level, TOEIC 680, good general knowledge and communication culture


Trafic Acquisition and SEO

Consumer and Data Marketing

Start up methods

Social Media Pub/CM

Design thinking/UX Design


EDCOM Competition

Spoken Communication

60 crédits ECTS
455 hours

Je cherche à en savoir plus

Our added value


One of our students’ favourite moments of the school year is the final competition. Sup de Pub wanted to find a way to closely approximate the experience of working in an agency to allow our students to develop their professionalism. For more than a week, students, working in interdisciplinary groups, work on a practical case presented by a large advertiser or a large agency, to answer a specific strategic, marketing or creative problem. Creative students, strategists, PR, media and digital specialists all work together with the goal of using their various skills to create a real solution of professional quality. Many students have found internships with the presenting agencies or advertisers because of the impression they have made during the competitions.

An alternating course


Fourth year students finish their studies by writing a thesis and defending it in front of a committee. This paper and its oral defense are an essential part of the curriculum and are required to graduate. The aim of this thesis is to advance academic knowledge in the student’s chosen field.

San Francisco program

Planning 4ème année SP4

From September to October : courses in Paris
From October to December : courses in San Francisco
From January to February : courses in Paris
From February to August : internship

Intake in September

Paris program

Planning 4ème année SP4

From September to February : courses in Paris
From February to August : internship 6 months (work-study contract is possible)

Intake in September

Financing of studies

Paris program :

  • Full-time prorgamme : 9 350€
  • Work-lined training : 9 650€
  • Advanced payment of 1100€ (150 € of booking fees). Fully refunded at the end of the company trial period.

San-Francisco program :

  • Full-time program : 10 500€
  • Advanced payment of 1100€ (150 € of booking fees)

This program is recognized by the French government (RNCP) and culminates in a “Responsable de Communication et de Publicité, certification de niveau 6” certification.

Testimony :

Louis Audard
Creative Director, BUZZMAN Agency
Cannes Lions Award in 2017 for an Ubisoft campaign

« You need to find inspiration all around you and remember that the biggest mistake you can make is to grow old too quickly. »

Didier Alidor
Responsable du programme

Didier ALIDOR, Manager au sein du cabinet de conseil CAPCO Digital, est professeur de Design Thinking et responsable académique de l’option « Marketing digital et Gestion de l innovation » , de l École de communication Sup de Pub. Ses recherches portent sur le marketing et l innovation , plus particulièrement dans le domaine de l experientiel, secteur dans lequel il a acquis au fil des années, une expertise en tant que UX et CX designer pour le compte d institutions financieres. Il a notamment contribué a l ecriture d un livre blanc sur le Data management « Use case ideation for data management » Il collabore depuis de nombreuses années avec des entreprises du secteur financier et conduit des missions sur des thématiques aussi diverses que la fidélisation du client, la création de services digitaux ou phygitaux ou encore l’accompagnement de start up dans la région parisienne. Depuis 2017, il a contribué a former près de 200 diplômés qui exercent aujourd’hui des fonctions de designers et/ou de créatifs en agence ou chez l annonceur.