The year of specialization and international orientation

5 options to choose one’s future career: Global Communication, Creation, Copywriting, Digital and Marketing.

The 3rd year (SP3) is major step in the specialization process and was introduced at SUP de PUB in the very first year of the school’s existence.


SP3 and SP4 constitute the specialization curricula during which students will choose their future professions. This SP3 + SP4 curriculum is certified by the State and represents the historic and emblematic program that has over the years made the success of SUP de PUB since its inception 30 years ago. It offers a large number of options in France and abroad, perfectly adapted to the market and company needs.

The 3rd year (SP3) offers common courses in strategic thinking and planning, English, major economic issues, and international communication. This very structured third year, also includes three competitions and a video seminar in which all students work together in groups. Students pick a specialization among the five options available, depending on the orientation of the professional career path they have chosen.

This third year is a very rich one. It is a melting pot of many different profiles: Some students have been at the school since the 1st year (SP1) while others are from similar establishments with a BTS diploma or from French and foreign universities. This incredible mix proves its worth during the competitions and other group assignments  in which each person brings and shares his or her particular expertise, experience and mindset.

The third year is also when international exchanges (Erasmus) take place for the first time. Students have the opportunity to go and study abroad in over 40 countries around the world. Whether in Europe or beyond, studying abroad in the 3rd year is not an obligation but is strongly recommended  as  geographic mobility  is increasingly demanded by companies. All our school programs include a substantial number of hours of preparation for the TOEIC exam (Test Of English for International Communication).

5 options to choose from for your professional career path.

How to enroll in SP3 as a parallel admission student?

  • External students who wish to directly integrate SP3 through parallel admission must take the SUP de PUB entrance exam  and must have completed  at least two years of higher education in France or abroad (Bac + 2 or level III RNCP) .


  • For students who have not yet validated two years of higher education (Bac + 2) or who have followed a non-diploma curriculum (Prep school for example), the admissions department will process applications on a case-by-case basis. The final admission will be validated only after the entrance examination and the interview with the candidate.


Choose the right SP3 specialization:

Internal students from the three SP2 sections at Sup de Pub can choose one of the five options in the 3rd year.  For external students joining us through parallel admission, there are two levels of choice depending on their previous studies:

  • After validating two years of higher education not specialized in communication (for example : law, economics,history, sociology…), students wishing to reorient their studies towards the sectors of communications, marketing or media  can integrate either SP3 Communication or SP3 Marketing.
  • These options will give them, in one year, the basics of strategic analysis and marketing as well as technical tools (DTP, video…), to be able to specialize in the 4th year  in the area of their choice.
  • After successfully completing two years of higher education already specialized in communications, marketing, or graphic arts (example: BTS Communication, IUT Infocom or CBC, BTS Graphic Design, Space design, infocom, communication specialist, school license School of commerce…). the student can directly integrate the 3rd year (SP3) and choose  the option that corresponds best to his or her initial specialization or choose a closely related one.

A mandatory internship of 4 months minimum is required to complete the 3rd year.

This internship  is longer than those of SP1 and SP2, and is  also a good opportunity to truly discover a company and to negotiate an alternating work-study contract for SP4.


From September to December: Courses S1
From Janury to April: Courses S2 or  academic  semester abroad
From May to August: Internship