Two sections to choose from: Communication or Creation

During the first two years of higher education, our school offers our new undergraduates a solid and complete curriculum. The training focuses on learning the techniques and tools recognized by professionals in the sector, and take into account the corporate environment and its constraints.

The students quickly position themselves as young professionals able to define and manage a communication policy or to implement a creative idea. The theoretical and practical courses offered are supplemented by two internship periods that allow students to put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the school year.

The communications industry and the creative professions have all been impacted over the last decade by the massive use, by the general public, of new digital media, video, and social networking.  SUP de PUB positioned itself early on  by creating its first digital programmes  in 2006 and now offers  undergraduate students the opportunity  to acquire these new essential skills in order to anticipate  the exercise of their future professions.

SP1 Communication: An introduction to the communication professions

This option prepares students for all types of communication, marketing, digital and brand strategy, which are the disciplines on which SUP de PUB has built   its reputation over the last 30 years. Some students who choose the COMMUNICATION section will be able to prepare the BTS Communication diploma in the second year (SP2), which is a first level State diploma. The others will choose an option allowing them to acquire, in addition, the technical and editorial skills used by the Digital professions

The first taste of specialization

The first year in Communication allows students to discover some fundamental disciplines such as  economics, strategy, law, marketing….. which will be continued in the 2nd year in one of two options:  either BTS Communication or Communication & Digital.

The Voltaire Certificate

Proficient writing skills and a good knowledge of spelling are today, essential assets in order to succeed in the communication and media professions. The Writing Workshop together with the preparation for the Voltaire Certificate allow students to improve themselves  in these important areas.

SP1 Creation : An initiation into the techniques of creative thinking

Students having chosen the creative section  will follow a two-year preparation for the  four major disciplines offered   in the  second cycle of study at  SUP de PUB,  i.e., Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Design and Audio-visual  Production. These courses prepare students for specific professions and are perfectly in line with the current needs of companies, particularly with regards to new digital and audio-visual techniques. 

Numerous specialization courses

Students start their specialization courses following a  two-week initiation period.   They will immediately be able to get to grips with the  basic tenants   of drawing and graphics but also work on photography  and  CAD in order to best prepare their visual  art project in the first year.

Hands-on workshops

Workshops punctuate the first creative year at Sup de Pub notably the creative advertising studio where they can put their ideas into practice and start enriching their portfolios.

The Calendar

For all students: work together and pool your skills

These two first year (SP1) specialization courses also offer a certain number of seminars and practical work (Workshops) in common, allowing students from both sections to get a good general knowledge and to put into practice, together, the knowledge and techniques and skills acquired during their training.

September: The initiation period  

Two weeks of joint courses and practical work bringing together students from the two sections so that students get to know one another better.

January: WORKSHOP “Hidden CAMERA”

During one week, students from both sections work together on a scripted video brief revealed to them only at the last moment.

Mid April – End of April: THE COMPETITION

This instructive exercise allows all students to work in teams and combine their talents while working on a real topic presented by an advertising agency or an advertiser.


This mandatory internship lasting at least two months may be extended at the request of the student during the summer period.

The SPI1 Schedule

The school term starts in February

From February to mid-June:  Courses
From mid-June to mid-August:  Internship

The SPI1 Schedule

The school term starts in September

From September to April: Courses
From may to June: Internship