The world of sport is constantly evolving and every year brings with it, new careers, new projects and  new vocations.

Become an outstanding communicator in the sport business environment

For this reason we felt it was necessary at Sup de Pub, to design a course that would reflect this reality  and match the needs of the market but also the desires of a large number of students who want to work in the sports universe. At a time when France will host the Rugby World for the 2023 Championships and the Olympics in 2024, new jobs will appear while others will expand and adapt to the needs of the international market..

This program is a unique and comprehensive curriculum which trains future leaders in  marketing, communication  and event management in line with the needs of this very specific market. A considerable number of  sports events organised by national and international federations or  local communities serve as promotional vehicles for the major brands of sports equipment but also for state  and private institutions. This program, highly specialized in the particularities of sports communication and marketing, integrates all these different aspects.

Digital communication, the use of apps and social networks have now  become an essential part of  this environment. Online sports betting, e-sports competitions are new activities that already benefit from substantial budgets and also need to be taken into consideration.

Four major areas are covered in this new program, the purpose of which is to decipher and understand all the relationships and interactions between the major sports brands, sporting events, state institutions and the media with a particular focus on  audio-visual and digital tools.