Digital media are revolutionizing the way we think in strategic planning

Brand Strategy is a discipline with a long history at Sup de Pub and is taught from the 3rd year onwards. This specialization has been the DNA of Sup de Pub since the school was founded  in 1986, by Bernard Brochand, Jacques Lendrevie and  Jacques Séguéla.

At the end of this master, students will have become real experts in strategic content at the service of brands, will be experienced in story-telling techniques and be able to  produce effective marketing content.

This specialized  MBA aims at developing a real expertise in the field of brand strategy taking into account the specificities related to the emergence of new information and communication technologies.

The program focuses in particular on strategic planning, an essential element in the realization of successful communication campaigns, and branded content.  It is quite simply an indispensable step in the overal strategy of a brand.

This training program reinvents the basics by taking into account the major developments in the marketing communications industry over the last  decade, especially with regards to the emergence of strategic planning in agencies, but also among advertisers, and more recently the tools and techniques used in branded  content.

For those students who are ‘managers at heart’ and who enjoy putting their writing skills to practice in the form of  engaging language, this master will surely open  doors to a multitude of jobs. Companies today, have become ‘hooked’ on  content, so take a big leap  into this digital and journalistic adventure. Graduates that wear both hats are a commodity much sought-after by brands which increasingly use storytelling in their communication campaigns.