Create, manage, and master the digital influential media and “pure players”

At a time when all the media is going through a metamorphosis due to  the digital transformation of our society, when national and international competition is heating up and the appeal of social networks is increasing, the management and production of media content is evolving and radically changing in nature  as is the profession  of journalism and publishing.

This master’s degree will train students in the expertise of  creatiing and managing media, notably the new influential media which, today, are becoming the principal vectors of information.

This program is offered as a joint  degree with the program  ‘Journalism and Media’ from HEIP, the school of Political Science in the  INSEEC U Group.

The many changes occuring in our society, whether economic, institutional, technical or cultural, demand  a constant monitoring of  new professions and their latest news. The diverse posts and functions awaiting these students are dynamic in nature  and incessently changing.

The explosive growth of digital and digital media has radically changed the way they impact the general public. Whether in the media sector itself,  in digital communication agencies,  among content providers, or within a state or private communication department,  students will learn  how to master the different channels, manage and produce quality content, perfectly suited to market realities and new uses.