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Gain full understanding of the digital Marketing world

INSEEC School of Communication was the first school of its kind to create higher education courses in digital marketing and e-commerce. Offered in Paris since 2008, this program is for students who would like to specialize in digital media marketing and strategy and who wish to implement and manage complex digital strategies for advertisers.


An alternating  work-study arrangement is possible with this program.

This programme will open doors to a wide variety of careers by giving students a firm grounding in the marketing principles and online strategies needed to attract customers in the internet age. You will gain skills, technical expertise, and insights into the environment and tools of digital marketing through cutting-edge courses delivered by successful practitioners and accomplished lecturers. Upon graduation, you will be able to implement and manage complex digital strategies that showcase websites and mobile sites, applications and social networks.

Our curriculum allows rapid integration into a professional environment where INSEEC School of Communication has been  a well-known and respected institution for over 30 years. Our lecturers, who are also industry professionals, teach our students the skills and knowledge they will need in their future jobs Students are able to start building their professional network before they even leave school thanks to constant contact with the communications industry and our alumni network that is over 7,000 strong. Finally, the competitions and internships facilitate the transition from  school to the professional world.

Competitions are an important part of our curriculum where both strategic thinking and creativity come into play. The students are divided into “agencies” and then receive a brief from a real client. They then have two weeks to work on their pitch from strategy to creative execution. The teams present their recommendations  to the client and a winner is chosen. The grand final takes place in London where the winning team from Paris pitches against their London counterpart.

This year-long full-English program consists of full-time classes (M-W) from the beginning of September until the end of January followed by an internship in a company and a professional project, for which students present an oral defense before a jury  the following September. Students have the option to complete their work experience in  one of two ways. They  may complete a 6-month internship anywhere in the world (with the possibility of an ERASMUS+ grant for those who stay in Europe outside of France), or sign an alternating work-study contract with a company (alternance).

The goal of the professional project is to write a business plan and start  a real company or product in the communication and digital sectors. Students working in teams of two or three defend their project before  a jury of professionals. The best projects have the opportunity to receive support from the  INSEEC Group’s  Company Incubator program.

Careers :

Social Media Manager
Data Manager
Traffic Manager



Salaire sortie d’école      

Salaire après 5 ans         

Courses :

Web Design and Introduction to Coding
Digital Marketing
Lean Graphic Design for entrepreneurs
Facebook Ads Set-up and optimization
Intensive Integrated English
Bay Area Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem
Lean Stratup methodology
3D Modeling and 3D Printing for rapid prototyping
Design Thinking
Pitching for startups
Entrepreneur perspectives guest lecture series

60 crédits ECTS
Titre Certifié par l’Etat niveau I (Fr) et Niveau 7 (Européen)
Manager de la communication et stratégie digitale option Digital marketing, innovation and Start’up project
Code RNCP 31420

Je cherche à en savoir plus

Most of the program


One of our students’ favourite moments of the school year is the final competition. Sup de Pub wanted to find a way to closely approximate the experience of working in an agency to allow our students to develop their professionalism. For more than a week, students, working in interdisciplinary groups, work on a practical case presented by a large advertiser or a large agency, to answer a specific strategic, marketing or creative problem. Creative students, strategists,
PR, media and digital specialists all work together with the goal of using their various skills to create a real solution of professional quality. Many students have found internships with the presenting agencies or advertisers because of the impression they have made during the competitions.

Professional Project

At the end of the 5th year, the students must defend before a committee, a Professional Personal Project in order to graduate whether they studied in France or abroad. The professional project is the creation of a new start-up business with students working in groups of 3 or 4. Whether the business is a new product or service, this exercise encourages students to develop their managerial, financial skills as well as the knowledge of business law, Sup de Pub encourages its students to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. At the end of SP5, the best professional projects benefit from one year of hosting within the INSEEC Group’s business incubator and two other specialist incubators.

Un cursus en alternance, rentrée possible

Intake in September

Planning 5ème année SP5

From September to January : courses
From February to July : internship
September : Defense of the professional project

Intake in September

Financing of studies

Price of this program : 9950 €

This program is recognized by the French government (RNCP) and culminates in a “Manager de la Communication et du Marketing Digital, certification de niveau I” certification.

Testimony :

Clément Cassajus

Ux Designer & Digital producer / SID LEE

“My job is constantly evolving. The technical aspect required to work in the digital world is increasingly highlighting atypical profiles that combine competence and programming, design and digital marketing, which is constantly pulling you up. Working at the heart of a creative process remains a very pleasant privilege on a daily basis! “

Jason Peterson

Chairman & CCO Havas North America



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