Become an expert in new digital technologies at the service of marketing

This program offers students the opportunity to work on developing  and producing creative content in order to have a portfolio that will capture the attention of agencies and advertisers. The students are accompanied in workshops by expert professionals during the reflection, design and content production phases. They thus learn to become the designers of images, videos and websites.

This specialized MBA is focused on new marketing approaches and the new possibilities offered by the massive collection of behavioural data operated in particular through social media.

Data-mining has spilled a lot of ink over the last two years, the number of players in this new market has increased tenfold over the past months and it is surely not over. Companies and agencies compile and store huge amounts of data for the benefit of their customers. They must find the best way to use it to boost their sales and their reputations. These new and available digital techniques are, today, fueling  the development of many companies in the sector of communication and media.

This program will allow students to become familiar with  the new jobs in Data, that are much sought-after by  companies, and that perfectly match the growing market demands related to these new communication tools. These digital communication strategists are the true digital experts that businesses will increasingly  seek to recruit.