A 5th year program for managing communication and branding across all communication platforms and using the most innovative tools.

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and optimize your career in digital

This program will allow you to fully understand the strategy of major brands and how their marketing processes are elaborated, especially with regards to social media.

You will learn how to optimize the different communication tools : media relations, social media, content marketing, public relations, events etc.  .

In other words, this Master provides a perfect command of both  internal and external communications, an essential part of both corporate and brand management, but also the  optimization of new communication techniques and  strategies  adapted to the needs of companies.

This one-year program based on an alternating work-study format,  is designed to train future communication professionals by constantlly adapting to market needs  and the new professions in the industry. Only one prerequisite, students must have a good level of general knowledge and be fully aware of  trending developments in the economic sector especially with regards to companies and their  brands.