Joint  diploma  HEIP / Sup de Pub : M1 + M2

Because politic is everywhere…

After the first year in the program ‘Politics, Media & Communication’, students may pursue a second year of professional specialization: Political Communication and Lobbying (either in an alternating work-study format in Paris or full-time in London).

This is a joint diploma HEIP / Sup de Pub

Two options are available to choose from : studying in London full time or an alternating work-study format  in Paris.

Political communication and lobbying play an important role in our society today. Communicating to the general public, counseling politicians, crafting  a communications strategy for an electoral campaign, steering government and political communication, implementing communication tools to deal with the image and public perceptions of political and social issues, managing crisis communication and lobbying efforts…  It offers a broad scope of possibilities… And the opportunities are numerous, so feel free to embark on the great adventure of political communication !