Become an expert in new digital creation at the service of your company

This program is designed for students wishing to develop their graphic design skills  and to learn the various techniques related to this field. It will allow you to address the various creative aspects of communication media, both in print and display, particularly in digital media, the latest vectors of business communication.

This  program offers students the opportunity to  work on developing  and producing creative content in order  to have a portfolio that will capture the attention of agencies and advertisers. The focus is on creative thinking, design and content production : students are accompanied in workshops by expert professionals where they become the designers of images, videos and websites.

This program is specifically designed for future leaders in corporate and institutional communication,  the heads of marketing communication departments. They will be able to master the basics of these techniques and manage internal or external communication campaigns.

For several years now, graduates from Sup de Pub have performed extremely well in the rankings of the best young creatives selected annually by the magazine Strategies, ahead of all the other  communication or creative schools in France. This is tangible proof of the efficacy of the  complimentary training in strategy and creative that Sup de Pub offers.

The number of awards collected   by our graduates at the   2017 2018 edition of  the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity also attests to the quality of training at Sup de Pub.  Every year our former creative students pick up a multitude of Lion awards (gold, silver and bronze).

This year, award-winning campaigns by Sup de Pub graduates included Louise Davis, Ubisoft, and Intermarché’s « Love, Love »