Acquire a dual competence in communication and  corporate management

These 5th year training programs, each with a  a minimum of 420 hours, combine theoretical teachingn, hands-on practice,  group assignments  and long-term on-the-job experience in companies. They allow students to optimize and professionalize their final year with a view to  integrating the professional world at the end of their studies. They also receive  a title of ‘level 1’ certified by the State.

Throughout the year, the students develop a dual competence in communication and  corporate management, by attending specialized seminars and classes in project management.

Specialized programs accessible to students with a 4th year university level dsiploma.

5th year Sup de Pub programs (SP5) are open to graduate students having already completed a 4th year degree course and who wish to complete their higher education with a 5th  year of study.

Alternating work-study programmes in France or full-time abroad

The Francophone 5th year  (SP5) programs are offered over a one-year period in an alternating work-study format. These courses can be funded by a professional contract or a special c agreement  ‘ALTERNA’. They can also be followed under a  simple contract or by working in company part-time.  The English-speaking programs, that are delivered in France or abroad, are offered in the classic format  i.e.  6 months time-full study followed by a mandatory 6-month internship in a company.

21 taught in French options and 7 taught in english options

Actively prepare your future employment

Build your career plan

At the end of the 5th year, whether  having studied in France or abroad,  students must present an oral defense before a mixed jury (INSEEC – Sup de Pub), of their “personal professional project” in order to validate their degree.

Foster entrepreneurship

Sup de Pub encourages its  students to become entrepreneurs.

On completing the 5th year  (SP5), the best projects regarding start-up creation can benefit, for one year,  from Sup de Pub sponsorship and also  be taken on board by the INSEEC Group’s Company Incubator and by two other specialised incubator programs run by Sup de Pub’s partners.

Two intakes a year

Each year, two study periods are offered in the 5th year programs at Sup de Pub,  the first starting in September for Anglophone  programs, and October for Francophone programs and  the second starting in  April.  N.B., however, not all programs are available in  these two periods. For more information, please contact the Admissions Department.