UX and Data Marketing for high-profile jobs in business

With this program we offer a journey through the fundamentals of design focused on users. After having understood and learned the basics, you will integrate the methods and tools into a project taking into full account the needs of the final client. The goal is to imagine, design and create an innovative digital service.

  • Introduction of tools, methods and deliverables of the UX.
  • Research into the working methods and the main professions involved in the design       and implementation of digital services.
  • Acquisition of technical skills and management of innovative projects perfectly   suited to the challenges in a world of digital transformation.

            Research and Analysis:

Experimental Psychology

  • To become familiar with human mental processes so as to design a service aimed at end users.
  • To know how to build an experimental plan, identify the variables and master the means to set up reliable methods for data collection.
  • Benchmarking and Analytics
    To implement a means to observe and analyse marketing practises used by other companies as well their levels of performance.
  • Data Collection
    To choose and use an investigatory approach : put together an interview guide, interview techniques, observation, live tests, to learn how to interpret the collected data.

Audience Planning:

  • Persona and Journey:
    To differentiate « persona marketing » from  « User persona » to build persona profiles and their journeys. To identify marketing opportunities from these persona journeys.  (People who are not in the same marketing target but who react in a similar way : grandfather  and his granddaughter.
  • Innovation Workshops:
    To become familiar with collaborative design methods.
    To appreciate the importance of specific technical issues and objectives with regards to  the different digital sectors in order to design a service aimed at users.
    To meet technical experts who represent both constraint and inspiration.

Design Tools

  • To become familar with the principle deliverables involved in designing a digital service. These tools help to ensure coherent design taking into account user needs and business interests.
  • Optimisation and Prototyping:
    To organise user navigation. To learn the tools and methods involved. To validate the choice of design, information architecture and user flow.
  • Prototype
    Fonctionality: Branded Sample.


This program delivers the title «Responsable de Communication et de Publicité », (Head of Communications and Advertising) level II (Fr) and level 6 (Eu), code NSF 321n, registered with the  RNCP by decree dated  30/07/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 4 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.