Choosing the right media has become a crucial element in the overall implementation of brand strategy. A good knowledge of the media environment especially new media, has a direct impact on the effectiveness of any communication campaign.

Choosing the right media for branding

A 360 understanding of the media is, today, indespensible for students wishing to start a career in media strategy or media advertising sales. The media landscape is neither what it was yesterday nor what it will be tomorrow. We have to communicate effectively, efficiently and differently because the competition on the domestic and international market is fiercer than ever. We have to be able to adapt and develop powerful communication strategies that work across television, radio, print, web and social networks. Media marketing, audience metrics and media planning are all areas that are taught, among others in this 4th year program that offers specialised skills that are highly sought-after on the job market.

Media strategy is an area that offers great job opportunities. Media advertising sales is becoming increasingly technical and therefore media companies seek young graduates who have the required expertise in this field. On completing the program our students will fit these requirements.

Those students graduating from this training program at  Sup de Pub will have therefore have no  problem being recruited by the major advertising sales organizations, by media agencies but also by advertising agencies to implement media plans.


This program delivers the title «Responsable de Communication et de Publicité », (Head of Communications and Advertising) level II (Fr) and level 6 (Eu), code NSF 321n, registered with the  RNCP by decree dated  30/07/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 4 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.