American Luxury Markets / Creative Communication / Digital Marketing

This program developed by Sup de Pub and the ESCE aims to cover all the communication aspects of luxury sector to allow our students to fully understand the evolving luxury market.

Discover the world of the luxury market

In the luxury market, selling a lifestyle and tapping into the aspirations of consumers is a motivation to buy often as significant as product innovation and quality. As a result, communication has long been a fundamental cornerstone of any luxury business. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges, including the nature of the target market, the importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image and the nature of the distribution system.


Where once luxury marketing focused on print media and unilateral broadcasts by a brand, today it seeks to create a dialogue between brand and consumer. Traditional media, remain in effect, but the digital and non-media strategies such as sponsoring and events have developed significantly. Confronted with these changes and new technologies, the luxury industry is developing new strategies, in terms of digital, connected objects or experiential merchandising.


This new program developed by Sup de Pub and the ESCE aims to cover all the communication aspects of luxury sector to allow our students to fully understand the evolving luxury market, our program covers a diverse array of topics including: American Luxury Markets, Creative Communication, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Skills with specific focus on their application in the luxury sector; particularly in the areas of fashion and the arts.Students will study at our partner Baruch College in the Flatiron District of midtown Manhattan from September until December. Students will also benefit from guest speakers, panel discussions and company visits as well as networking events permitting them to enter the job market with the knowledge to conquer the luxury market.


Thanks to our partner Baruch College, students will also benefit from a visa which grants them the possibility to complete a 3-month internship in the USA without the hassle and cost of an additional visa. This opportunity is an excellent stepping stone for our students who wish to continue their careers in the US; allowing them to broaden their professional network.

The capstone project for this program is a thesis.


Brand manager
Trend researcher
Sales manager
Marketing director



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Fashion, Beauty & Luxury markets in the US
Leadership Skills for the Fashion Industry
Creative Communication for Luxury Brands
Digital Marketing in Fashion, Luxury & Arts
Entrepreneurship in Luxury & Arts

455 hours
60 crédits ECTS
Titre Certifié par l’Etat niveau II (Fr) et Niveau 6 (Européen)
Responsable de communication et de publicité option Luxury, Art and Fashion marketing
Code RNCP 1739

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The advantages of the program


Fourth year students finish their studies by writing a thesis and defending it in front of a committee. This paper and its oral defense are an essential part of the curriculum and are required to graduate. The aim of this thesis is to advance academic knowledge in the student’s chosen field.


One of our students’ favourite moments of the school year is the final competition. Sup de Pub wanted to find a way to closely approximate the experience of working in an agency to allow our students to develop their professionalism. For more than a week, students, working in interdisciplinary groups, work on a practical case presented by a large advertiser or a large agency, to answer a specific strategic, marketing or creative problem. Creative students, strategists, PR, media and digital specialists all work together with the goal of using their various skills to create a real solution of professional quality. Many students have found internships with the presenting agencies or advertisers because of the impression they have made during the competitions. And a special meeting by Brune Buonomano, DG BETC Luxe / Etoile Rouge

An alternating program with rhythmic courses

Intake in September

4th year Planning SP4

From September to January : Courses (work-study contract is possible)
From January to August : Internship
September :
Defense of the professional project

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Studies financing

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  • Londres / International : 9 850€

This program is recognized by the French government (RNCP) and culminates in a “Responsable de Communication et de Publicité, certification de niveau II” certification.


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