Master the techniques of event communication and tactical media

Event management is a well-recognised and valued discipline, above all, at a time where companies privilege differentiation strategies.

The scripting, content and storytelling of every event is today carefully crafted and calculated so as to have a lasting effect in the minds of the participants.  How can companies invest in this? How should they work with the press and journalists ( the PR part)?      And above all, what should be done to ensure a presence across all media: digital, social networks, TV, radio, press?  Because today, more than ever, events have become the window of companies and the brands they promote.

This SP4 program allows students to master all the different types of events, taking into account their  particularities. They also benefit from a practical, hands-on approach in which they become themselves the actors of events. They learn to imagine, design and  implement original events through the study of real cases and student competitions.

This  training offers a lot of  potential to young graduates joining event agencies or the communication departments of companies and institutions.


This program delivers the title «Responsable de Communication et de Publicité », (Head of Communications and Advertising) level II (Fr) and level 6 (Eu), code NSF 321n, registered with the  RNCP by decree dated  30/07/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 4 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.