The copywriter is the alter ego of the art director, and is responsible for writing copy, finding concepts and slogans. He or she teams with the art director in order to define the creative part of the communication that will be recommended to the client. They also work in close collaboration with account executives and strategic planners to find the big idea. This big creative idea is the centrepiece of the communication campaign that will be the most talked about! The copywriter must sum up the commercial stratgy in a strong, simple and concise idea.

The role of the copywriter is therefore not only to play with words but to deliver an impactful message and thereby engage the target consumer with the brand.

We all have in mind a number of successful advertising slogans that have weathered time such as “Just Do It”, “What Else”  or “ Have a Break Have a KitKat”.

The copywriter should have the following qualities: tenacity, to be able to cope with stress (briefs are often given with very tight deadlines), obviously strong  imagination and intuition, social skills; as he or she has to work with people with different personalities, and a strong competitive spirit.

Copywriting  training also requires a good level of general culture and irreproachable writing skills and spelling. Sup de Pub is one of the two  schools in France that offers a specialised program in this field.


This program delivers the title  Concepteur(trice)-Rédacteur(trice) (Copywriter)   and is certified level II, Code NSF 321n, registered with the  RNCP by decree dated  05/08/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 3 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.