This program offered by HEIP and SUP de PUB trains students to fully comprehend the economic and social stakes involved in of political decisions and their consequences.

Because politic is everywhere…

Over a two-year period, we train the future managers and specialists in political communication and lobbying who will work in both state and private organisations  serving citizens in the framework of local and national institutions. This highly specialized program also familiarises students with the different functions involved in political institutions, with members of  parliament and electoral procedures.

The two-year  program starts in the 4th  year and carries on into the 5th year. Students must automatically follow the two years of study in order to graduate. The first year takes place in Paris while the second year can be attended in either London (full-time + internship) or in France  (part -time work-study). In order to validate this double  diploma,  students  must orally defend their final year project before a joint jury HEIP – SUP de PUB, at the end of the second year of study.


Students graduate with a certificate level II (Fr) and level 6 (Eu), code NSF 321n, registered with the RNCP by decree dated  30/07/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 4 years.