Implement a communication strategy

This program in communication and brand stratetgy  aims at familiarising students with all the necessary techniques, and new technologies, for implementing a communication strategy foir a company or its products. Brand strategy is at the heart of the advertising agency profession.

The Master 1 program therefore prepares students for entering, either ad agencies as account executives and planners, or companies and various institutions as managers of external or internal communications.

These are highly valuable and sought-after jobs, as companies are constantly seeking to bolster and improve  their communication towards their different publics, and above all to stay in phase with the changing digital technologies which are transforming the industry. Students develop both relational and business skills while honing their creative thinking. Moreover, they have the opportunity to get to know and use certain technical tools (CAD, web , audiovisual….)

The student  profiles are very inclusive and can easily evolve towards account management in agencies or communications management in companies for  both internal and external purposes. In the ever-changing world of communications, students must be fully engaged  with  the brand’s DNA  in order to develop effective and efficient strategies for a wide range of conumer targets: millenials, youth, seniors…

This program, over the years,  has  trained numerous graduates  who today are at the head of major companies and agencies. It is above all, suitable for people with a more general academic profile  who are seeking to specialize in internal or external brand communication.

This Master 1  is generally followed up at the  Master 2 level with a more specialized MBA.

The program is offered in both French and full English under the tiltle « International Brand Strategy ».


Students graduate with a certificate  entitled «Responsable de Communication et de Publicité », (Head of Advertising and Communications) level II (Fr) and level 6 (Eu), code NSF 321n, registered with the  RNCP by decree dated  30/07/2018 and published in the Official Journal 07/08/2018 for a duration of 4 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.