The finalization of a creative journey serving brands

This training  is for students who wish to devote their careers to this exciting profession, in an advertising or media agency, using all the creative state-of-the-art techniques such as CAD, 3D, or Internet. This is the final step, in a chosen academic pathway started in the first year, that will allow students to join creative teams in ad agencies or in artistic/design production studios.

The AD plays an essentiel role in the communication of a brand, He or she is at the service of the client while at the same time constantly taking initiative to provide invaluable creative ideas.


Studying art direction means above all, being present at all the different phases of communication. From the beginning to the end of the graphic chain, the art director (AD) creates a visual identity, works in close collaboration with the copywriter (CW), is partly responsible for convincing the client that the creative ideas and executions  are the right ones and also supervises the realisation  of the work produced (digital campaigns, print, posters and banner ads …

In a nutshell, the AD’s function is to translate ideas into images (infography and story boards…) so they can be better understood, and to imagine all the visual elements that will make up the  campaign.  Getting ahead in this field depends a lot on one’s professional mobility and international careers are common.


For many years now, Sup de Pub has been the undisupted leader, on the French academic scene, with regards to training for this profession. Art direction which remains so emblematic among the major advertising agencies, brings together artisitic creativity, knowledge of the media and more recently the use of digital tools and social networks in order to serve major brands and institutions of all sorts.

Throughout the course of this program, students work in teams together with those students studying copywriting, both in class-time and during competitions when they work directly on briefs given by real  clients. They complete their program with a portfolio of all their work and then undertake a 6-month internship in an agency.

This specialisation can be followed in French, in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, or in English in London with our partner, SCA, a local school highly specialised in advertising creativity. An excellent level of English is required to follow this Anglophone program in London.

This training can be continued into the 5th year in either Direction Artistique (Art Direction) or  Digital Design in the alternating work-study framework.


This program delivers the title Concepteur(trice) en Communication Visuelle (Art Director) and is certified level II, Code NSF 322n, registered with the  RNCP  by decree dated  05/08/2018 and published in the Official Journal 05/08/2018 for a duration of 3 years.
This certification is accessible via the VAE.