26 4th year programs in France or abroad

Programs offered in English
(France, London, New York and San Francisco)

N.B.: the choice of options will depend on the student’s previous academic background. Students from SP3 or 3rd year university level  already specialized in communication or creation will have access to all the options. Students from a more general academic 3rd year background will have a more limited choice.

To specialize further, it is possible to extend  the 4th year (SP4) with one of the programs offered in the 5th year at Sup de Pub (SP5), and the INSEEC Group in France, London and  San Francisco.

A new diploma to add to your CV

After completing their 4th year (SP4), students receive the Sup de Pub school title  « Head of Communications and Advertising », certified by the state. They also validate  240 crédits ECTS which alows them to integrate the 5th year (SP5).

Programs available after 3 years university level

This 4th year is open, via a competitive school entrance exam, to :

  • all students who have completed a 3rd year (university level) certified by the State (Bachelor’s degree, etc.).
  • under certain conditions, to students having completed a 3rd year (university level) not certified by the State. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis, provided that the candidate is eligible for  the school entrance exam.

A large number of specialisation options

To master the skills required for exercising the different communication professions, Sup de Pub offers 20 specialisations to 4th year students. These options are available in two different formats.

4th year alternating work-study format (in France)

The Francophone programs are offered in an alternating work-study format over an entire year.
These courses can be funded by a professional contract or special agreement.

4th year classic program (in France and abroad)

The Anglophone programs, whether delivered in France or abroad are offered in the classic format: 6 months full-time study followed by a mandatory 6-month internship.