A professional internship


Each academic year features an internship or work period a company.  Each year corresponds to a level of specialisation and employability. All internships are mandatory and are directly taken into account when validating the different diplomas. . The duration of study can vary from  2, 3, 4 to 5 years depending on the exit level and experience desired by students. The 4th and 5th years can also take place on our London and San Francisco campuses.    In both cases  they are completed by a  6-month  internship in France or abroad.


schedule of internships

Business Relations Services PARIS

Sonia BENNACER 01 40 38 76 82
Fanny-Neige ABOT 01 40 38 64 96
Perrine VITRAT 01 56 07 00 10
Sandra RENAULT 01 40 38 80 66
Sabrina MICHEL 01 42 09 35 36
Léa POTTIEE-SPERRY 01 40 38 77 63

Business Relations Services BORDEAUX

Christèle HEINTZ – Corporate Relations and Internship Manager – 05 56 01 74 54
Violaine Le Dily – Professionalization Contracts / Internships Officer – 05 56 01 12 28

Business Relations Services LYON

Eléonore CABELLA – Business & Internships Relations SP4-SP5
Nicoletta DI BARTOLOMEO – Professionalization Contracts & Employer Relations
Marion VACHEROT – Internships SP1-SP2-SP3

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1st cycle of initiation: BTS Communication (SP1/SP2), standard business school program

These 1st and 2nd year programs take into account all the facets of  the corporate environment and include a  6-8 week internship.


The 2nd cycle of specialization: SP3 and SP4 in alternating work-study format

These 3rd and 4th year studies allow students to specialize. . SUP de Pub offers 6 specialties in SP3 (Creation – strategy – Digital – Communications – audio-visual – Marketing).

  • SP3 : a 4-month internship from April to August
  • SP4 :an alternating work-study period, 6 months full-time in a company  at the end of the program


Professional Cycle 3: SP5 è alternating work-study

After completion of a 4th university–level year, the 5th year programs (SP5) train  our future professionals in the framework of an alternating work-study arrangement

Students study at school once every two weeks on the  Monday, and attend 7 weeks of seminars throughout  the year. The rest of the time is spent working in their respective companies.

There are two intakes for the 5th year : in October and April. The entire program therefore extends from  October 2019 October 2020, or April 2020 to April 2021.

The 4th and 5th years can be followed in 3 different formats :

The professionalization contract

The student is an employee of a company with a  temporary or  permanent contract. Working time is shared between school and the company following a schedule defined at the signing of the contract.

The convention – Company Missions School M2E

The student keeps his/her student status and does  an internship for a maximum period of 132 days in a company. Possibility to do  a new internship in a new company. The company pays all or part of  the operating costs, (= tuition fees ) plus a gratuity.

The ‘classic’ internship agreement

The student keeps his/her student  status, and assumes the cost of tuition fees.. The gratuity  corresponds to the  minimum conventional amount. The internship  may not exceed 132 days of presence in the company. Possibility of a new internship in a new company.

A Company Relations service committed to helping students find suitable internships

Your Career Centre, an advisory and placement service, helps you establish a coherent professional project, assists you in your search for an internship and coaches you for recruitment interviews through simulations and  personal branding exercises.

  • Coaching for CVs and cover letters & preparation for interviews
  • Dissemination of internship and work-study offers  from our partners – 3000 offers
  • Organization of Job Dating throughout the year
  • A network of more than 6,000 company partners – 8,500 Alumni
  • Partnership IAB – 140 company partners – 40 internship and work-study offers

SUP Pub: A powerful network with over  8500 graduates

Creatives, strategists, entrepreneurs…The former students of Sup de Pub are everywhere.. Enrolling at  Sup de Pub has proven to be  be a great way to connect with  companies, agencies, communities and the media with whom our 8500 alumni have built their careers.

Develop your business project with Sup de Pub

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? SUP de Pub will accompany you in the adventure you undertake. Business plans, action plans, marketing, PR… For more than 30 years, we have helped and encouraged our students to develop their entrepreneurial projects

Key figures

  • + 1200 professional internship contracts signed in 2018
  • + 1 500 internship agreements  signed  each year, all school years combined
  • On average, 6, 000 internships  and alternating work-study offers received a year, or 120 offers a week, allowing companies to recruit committed and motivated students
  • 93% of our students are in employment immediately after the end of their studies
  • + 50% of the students who were in an alternating work-study program remain in the host company.