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why choose the bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy ?

Understanding the audience (needs, obstacles, uses, etc.) is the cardinal point of strategic thinking for brands. Strategic planning, at the heart of this approach, makes it possible to establish relevant connections between advertisers and consumers, by directing advertising creation. Whether you work in an agency or for an advertiser, strategic planning jobs require a great deal of intelligence, research and analysis.

It is by compiling the data that the strategic planner formulates insights, opinions, behaviors or expectations detected in the target, allowing him/her to establish recommendations and define opportunities and prospective actions for the brand.

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what are the courses in bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy?

Enseignements principaux

1st year (Bac+4)

  • Marketing and digital transformation
  • Communication strategy and segments
  • Brand strategy and diversification
  • Communication strategy and markets
  • Strategic planning and brand identity
  • Editorial strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Trend book
  • Make a recommendation
  • Analyze a brief
  • Inbound marketing
  • Internal, corporate and HR communication
  • Data collection
  • Customer journey and customer cycles
  • Reputation and crisis communication
  • UX research and design sprint

2nd year (Bac+5)

  • The brand with a mission
  • Foresight and design fiction
  • Communication audit: from code to disruption
  • CX and experiential branding
  • Campaign management and performance
  • Consulting and strategic workshop management

Objectifs, compétences et aptitudes

> Analyze and understand the context and specificities of a brand within its market.

Define and manage the brand strategy. Set up active monitoring of one or more markets and trends in order to identify current and future behaviors and deduce new opportunities. Knowing how to anticipate transformations, trends and weak signals in order to guide brand communication.

> Define and manage the marketing strategy of the brand.

To be able to build the different advertising communication messages and implement the marketing mix levers for the brand. Students learn to defend a relevant positioning strategy, in line with the expectations of the company and its targets (insights).

> Design and implement the brand’s communication strategy while remaining faithful to the desired positioning and ensuring its differentiation.

Be able to formulate insights from data analysis, translate them into recommendations, opportunities and prospects for a brand. Be able to optimize the design of strategic content for a brand.

> Know how to manage the performance of the marketing and/or communication actions of the communication actions.

Acquire the posture and interpersonal skills necessary to lead multidisciplinary teams in the formulation of recommendations to advertising creatives and sales teams. Know how to elaborate and manage the communication strategy for the brand and present complex recommendations for a brand according to objectives linked to image, notoriety or conversion criteria.

> Accompany the transformation of a brand.

Conducting prospective studies to identify, in the form of opportunity notes, the brand’s innovation levers.Develop a sociological approach to thinking in order to best guide the advertiser’s strategic direction in a changing world. Learn how to manage a department or a service and lead teams.

Plus pédagogiques et évaluations

The validation of the year is done by obtaining 120 ECTS by different evaluation methods (case study, simulation, questionnaire ….). Time in the workplace is also required.


It is a professional situation. For two weeks, our students work on a real client brief presented by the agency and/or advertiser to respond to a strategic, marketing or creative issue. This transversal work is carried out collectively with a distribution of expectations according to skills, in the form of an agency proposal.

Big talk:

It takes place at the end of the year and is presented before a jury of professionals. Five themes composed of fifteen
articles are offered to students, a way to continue to monitor new trends in the field.
communication and marketing.

The professional project: Create your own start-up

The students form mixed project groups between the different specialties in order to carry out this common thread. You will have one year to acquire the entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to create your own fictitious start-up. Those who wish to do so, will have the possibility to join the Omnes Education incubator to be accompanied in order to really deploy their concept.

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Our added value

Quality speakers

The courses are all led by professionals from the communication, marketing or business sectors.
creation. The pedagogy allows the application of knowledge.

Professional accompaniment

The company service helps students find their internship (full-time or alternating). They also benefit from personalized support with CV and cover letter coaching.


The program focuses on immersive situations and innovative formats that punctuate the year (conferences, visits, bootcamp, hackathon).

EN bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy ?

Proof of a validated Bac+3 (180 ECTS) or, for parallel admission, a Bac+4 (240 ECTS), a level 6 certification or equivalent, primarily in the fields of communication and marketing, and to satisfy the institution’s selection tests (or equivalent in the case of a foreign candidate)

What certification is issued
in bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy ?

This program delivers the RNCP certification “ Manager of communication and marketing ” of level 7 (RNCP code 34492 | diploma code 16X32020).

Block of competencies of the certification
Block 1 –
Define and manage the brand strategy
Block 2 – Develop and manage the brand marketing strategy.
Block 3 – Develop and manage the communication strategy for the brand.
Block 4 – Manage a department or a service and lead teams.

What are the tuition fees
in bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy ?

  • Paris campus: 21 450€.
    (For one-year contracts in the Bac+5 program: 10 950€)
    (For a one-year contract in initial Bac+5: 10 450€)

What are the back-to-school hours and rhythms
in bac+4/5 Strategic Planning & International Brand Strategy ?

Back to school in September

Pace: Alternating for 24 months starting in September.

return to school in February

Pace: Alternating for 2 years starting in February.

See the alternation schedules

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élèves par groupe au maximum

Trades and
career opportunities

  • Strategic Planner
  • Account planner
  • Strategic planner
  • Assistant strategic planner

(Indicative salary on hiring: 31-36k€)

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