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Place the companies at the heart of our programs

The Corporate Relations service accompanies students in their entry into the working world and helps them to find suitable internships while at the same time developing numerous long-term partnerships with some of the industry's biggest players. The alumni network plays an major role in facilitating the placement of students and graduates in internships and permanent employment.

Companies contribute to the development of the school through conferences, presentations, job dating and by directly participating in the school programs as professional trainers, teachers and mentors. This allows them to identify and choose future collaborators for the different internship periods.

Internships: 100% Pro-fes-sio-nal!

As part of their training, students are required to do several internships from their first year through to their final year at school. Every year, with this in mind, we further develop our ties with the advertising and communications industry.

These internships take place during the school year and correspond to the students' level of study thus ensuring a strong linkage between the theory learnt at school and the practical experience obtained in the working environment. They also help to open doors for their future careers which is the key to professional integration.

A full-time internship for the 1st year of MBA

Students completing a 1st year of MBA must do a 6 to 7 months full-time internship, from March to September.

2 rythms for the 2nd year of MBA

Students completing a 2nd year of MBA in France must do an internship alongside their courses. Depending on their intake (Spring or Fall), students alternate courses and internship from March to February/January or from September to and including August.

Students completing a 2nd year of MBA in London or San Francisco must do a 6 to 7 months full-time internship. Depending on their intake (Spring or Fall), students do their internship from September to and including February or from February to and including August.

Corporate Relations & Internships Department

France VEVER Tel.: +33 1 56 07 00 08

Fanny-Neige ABOT Tel.: +33 1 40 38 64 96

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Sup de Pub and the Cristal Festival

Since 2008, INSEEC School of Communication has been a partner of the Cristal Festival which awards the most impactful international advertising campaigns. This event is a golden opportunity for our advertising school to meet the most talked-about French and European advertising pros.

An English-speaking team of INSEEC students handles the organisation of the professional judging panels during the entire event.

The "Sup de Pub Viral Film Cristal Award" is selected in real time by a public of INSEEC students and offered to the winning advertiser and agency by the school's director. There is also a party organized by our school, which brings together all the school's former students present at the event.

Generation Pub: When creatives pitch their talent for a major cause

For the last 15 years, the creative students at INSEEC School of Communication have organised the "Génération Pub" (Ad Generation) competition. This event offers creative students and professionals under the age of 30 the opportunity to lend their talent to a national or international non-profit social, humanitarian or environmental cause.

Futur Pub: An annual professional conference

Every year, the INSEEC School of Communication in Bordeaux brings together over 200 professional participants in the INSEEC premises on the Quai des Chartrons in the picturesque centre of Bordeaux.

Created by our school, " Futur Pub" is a laboratory of ideas and trendspotting with regards to marketing, media and communications. This annual conference is intended for advertising and marketing professionals from a variety of organisations and agencies as well as our students. Over 200 companies attended the last edition of Futur Pub which was devoted to brand content.

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