INSEEC School of Communication
INSEEC School of Communication
INSEEC School of Communication
 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

European Credit Transfer System

Sup de Pub has implemented the ECTS credit system to facilitate the movement of both incoming and outgoing exchange students as well as transfer students.

One year = 60 ECTS credits

Each year at INSEEC School of Communication consists of 60 ECTS which are earned through courses, workshops, internships and competitions.

Each program consists of 4 modules with a specified number of ECTS: General Studies, Specialization, Competitions, and Professional Life. ECTS credits are attributed based on the quantity of work required for a given module in relation to the work required to complete a school year.

Academic exchanges

Incoming Students

Students coming to INSEEC School of Communication select the specialization they wish to enroll in during their stay. This specialization will consist of modules totaling 30 ECTS for a semester or 60 ECTS for a year. At INSEEC School of Communication, Francophone exchanges are the only yearlong exchanges offered. Anglophone exchanges are only offered the winter semester of each school year.

Outgoing Students

Any student of INSEEC School of Communication who completes a semester abroad must validate 30 ECTS. These credits will be added to the credits earned at INSEEC School of Communication which will allow them to validate their year, assuming 60 ECTS in total have been validated. In all cases where the outcome of the exchange studies is unclear, an academic committee convene to decide on the best course of action.

Foreign Internships

The students of INSEEC School of Communication are required to do internships as part of their studies. These internships may take place in France or abroad.
In order for an internship to be counted for ECTS credit, there must be a contract in place. INSEEC School of Communicatio provides a contract for all of our students, but a contract written by the company is also accepted. At the end of the internship period, the internship office sends a questionnaire to the company to ensure that the student satisfactorily completed their work placement.

INSEEC Communication & Advertising School is member of Group INSEEC.

Groupe INSEEC is a leader in private higher education in France and offers a large choice of programs from post high school to doctoral studies in initial training and executive education. Campuses are located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Chambery, Geneva, Monaco, London, Shanghai and San Francisco.

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