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Student Life

Student Life

"Work hard, play hard"

Feeling comfortable in one's school is not only a question of teaching methods and classes but also a question of encounters. The many associations and activities organised by the Student Bureau offer many rich occasions to meet other students. Activities range from sports and artistic pursuits to the organization of events and parties.

The advertising competitions at INSEEC School of Communication in which students share an intense experience working together in teams, also represent a golden opportunity for mutual enrichment.

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The Introductory Seminar

Every year an introductory seminar is organised to help the new students to quickly get to know one another, which of course facilitates their integration in the communication school. During the first week of this seminar a group of actors coach the students who then produce a series of sketches that are acted out in front of the whole school year the following week.

The Student Bureau

Creativity, which is at the heart of the communications sector is also, at INSEEC School of Communication, a much-appreciated and recurrent theme in the various student festivities. For this reason the Student Bureau occupies a privileged place in our school and is constantly renewed with fresh dynamic and motivated teams.

The idea is always simple and generous: partying and taking time to relax and make new friends.

At INSEEC Communication & Advertising School, we believe in working hard and playing hard! This ethos largely reflect the working style of people in the advertising industry. The Student Bureau is the main provider of the exciting student life and is expected to continually come up with, and propose, original and appealing events inside and outside the advertising school such as seminars, trips abroad, skiing holidays, rallies, theatre, exhibitions of all sorts, monthly parties, weekly theme-based refreshment in the school cafeteria, humanitarian activities and of course the Gala.

The New Students Integration Week-end

This year, thanks to the efforts of the Student Bureau, over 500 students from the 1st year to the 5th year made a trip to the Dordogne region in France. Three full days of friendship, partying and sport, brought together the different talents of each and every one making it a great and unforgettable experience!

The programme included a fancy-dress party with the theme being surprise and provocation, an i-pod battle, Sumo wrestling, a giant baby-foot competition and inflatable games.

4L Trophy

4L trophy

Each year, some of our students take part in the biggest student rally in Europe: the 4L Trophy.

The goal is to collect school material for Moroccan children and subsequently transport it all the way to Morocco in a Renault 4L.

After a triumphant and much-publicised departure, all the participants drove across France and Spain, finally taking the boat to Morocco at Algesiras.

On their arrival at Fez, the school material is distributed by UNICEF among many different establishment throughout the country.

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