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Are you ambitious and want to train in challenging fields after high school? Do you want to prepare yourself for the jobs of tomorrow? Why not choose a school of communication? This field can be an excellent choice for your future professional career.

Nevertheless, communication is a vast field where many specialties are involved. Thus, the best option is still to join a communications school that will give you more skills and experience. Discover, in this article, the interest of communication training as well as the jobs for which they prepare.

Why train in communication in a specialized school?

Communication, an essential branch for companies

In a company, communication as well as marketing have become essential and are among the most important branches. They require not only extensive analysis, but also thoughtful strategies in addition to mastery of a wide range of tools and other related areas.

Training in communication means taking up many challenges on a daily basis, reinventing ourselves and questioning the dynamics of the world around us. Communication and marketing have various similarities, but also their own specificities. In these vast fields, the responsibilities can be numerous and the work often diversified. By mastering them, you can ensure that you will always remain active throughout your working life. This environment is also evolving and techniques are continuously improving and renewing themselves.

A growing and diversified sector

Because of this, studying communication is a choice for the future. Since this sector touches on many branches that are also evolving, you can expect to keep moving forward in your career. The career of a communicator is in permanent construction, it is your state of mind and your desires that will shape your professional life.

Are you strategic, versatile, ambitious and want to learn continuously? You have every reason to pursue a degree in communications.

Why join a communication school like Sup de Pub?

Discover all the facets of communication

Although there are many training courses in communication, many are generalist and do not allow you to discover the multiple specialties of the sector. Therefore, it is still ideal to choose a reputable and specialized communication school. This is the case, for example, of Sup de Pub. Our school, founded in 1986, is one of the pioneering institutions in communication training.

Since its creation, it has trained thousands of students each year in the many professions of communication. Thus, by joining Sup de Pub, young people can learn more about the following areas

  • marketing
  • the media
  • the digital
  • the strategy
  • luxury
  • the event
  • institutional communication
  • public relations
  • UX/UI design
  • e-commerce
  • advertising

Sup de Pub offers training in these fields from bac +3 to bac +5. Note that the specialization of students is progressive and takes place throughout their course. During the first years of their studies, they acquire a common base of skills and knowledge. They then specialize in 3rd, 4th and 5th year.

Work-study programs in communication schools, a first step in the active life

Some communication schools such as Sup de Pub also offer a work-study program in communication. This involves signing a contract and working in a company at the same time as you take theoretical courses. You will receive a salary based on the minimum wage and will not have to finance your studies, as these are paid for by the company.

In communication, work experience is indeed of great importance and is also the best way to learn. If you choose not to do a work-study program during your studies, you should know that you have the possibility of doing various internships in communications throughout your studies.

Ideally, you should choose a school whose diploma is recognized by the state. At Sup de Pub, all our titles are RNCP certified.

What studies are needed to work in communications ?

Communication and marketing are two sectors that are dependent on each other, but they each have their own specificities. When taking a marketing program, for example, you should always study communication and media as well as information technology.

Thus, the ideal is to opt for a program that specializes in one or the other. Most of the time, these are courses that can be reached with a general baccalaureate. Then, for marketing, you can do a BTS or directly a bachelor in Marketing of level bac + 3 before joining a school that offers training up to bac + 5. As for communication, it is a sector linked to many others. For example, it can be taught at the university, but also in a business school or of course in a specialized school.

You can join Sup de Pub at different times. Indeed, you can take the entrance exam directly after the baccalaureate for entry into the first year. But you can also apply for entry into the 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th and 5th year.

What career opportunities are available after a school of communication?

Because of the diversity of subjects taught in communication school programs, the professional opportunities are just as numerous for these sectors. For the most popular and the ones that recruit the most, we can mention the following:

  • marketing manager ;
  • communication officer ;
  • webdesigner ;
  • UX/UI Designer;
  • press officer ;
  • event project manager ;
  • communication manager ;
  • product manager ;
  • community manager
  • web marketing assistant ;
  • Customer Relationship Manager.

What are the communication courses offered at Sup de Pub?

Sup de Pub is a school specialized in communication and related fields. As marketing is one of the sectors most closely related to communication, it naturally offers specializations in marketing and communication. In fact, all of the programs it offers from grade 1 to grade 5 include them.

In the first year, for example, she teaches communication culture, strategy and creative tools used in both communication and marketing.

Digital communication and brand strategy will be further addressed in the 2nd year.

In the 3rd year, the program includes, among others, visual and digital creation, always used in the 2 respective sectors.

The 4th year corresponds to the time of specialization. In the field of communication, for example, you can opt for design and writing. In the field of marketing, you can rather turn to digital marketing.

The 5th year serves to deepen your skills in the specialization you chose in the 4th year. To consult our programs or to have additional information, go to our website or go to our FAQ section.

Discover the campuses of Sup de Pub, the historic school of communication

Sup de Pub has four campuses in France and one abroad. Choose between Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes and London and study communication in stimulating and multicultural environments. You can also study abroad at a partner institution.

For more information about our courses, specializations, admission requirements or career opportunities in communications, please visit us on one of our campuses during an Open Day!


Updated 11 March 2024