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Discover our best of this month’s campaigns. Tropicana diversifies its offer, M&M’s offers us a colorful partnership with Adidas and Prime Video gives voice!

Tropicana launches cereal to be consumed with its orange juice!

I promise, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, even if the news seems completely crazy. The Tropicana brand has just launched a cereal to be consumed with its orange juice.

While the idea is completely out there, the brand claims that more than 15 million people have already tried the concept of cereal combined with orange juice. And, if you can’t wait to get your own idea of the amazing combo, the brand has already confirmed that its Tropicana Crunch will be available on the on May 4, National Orange Juice Day (yes, it does exist!).

So, are you curious about the possibility of changing your breakfast habits?

M&M’s and Adidas offer a colorful partnership

If there is one product that is used for all kinds of partnerships, it is sneakers. Movies, heroes or licenses, there is something for everyone! Nevertheless, this new collaboration remains surprising and the result is very colorful.

Indeed, M&M’s and Adidas have decided to collaborate to create a pair of sneakers with the colors of the most famous peanut brand on earth. And to do it right, they decided to revisit one of Adidas’ most iconic pairs, the Forum Low 84.

By admiring the visuals below, we can see that they have not skimped on the color palette and takes the codes of the packaging of M&M’s. Dressed by a bright yellow and brown tone elements, to recall the chocolate effect certainly, the sneakers proudly display the logo of the brand M&M’s. Adidas’ iconic triple stripes also matched the tones of the sneaker. Even the soles have been touched up for the occasion.

Presented on April 19, these sneakers for the least original will be available only via the Adidas Confirmed application, for 140 tickets.

Prime Video organizes a Karaoke with more than 500 drones

Prime Video, just like Netflix, knows that making an impression with original communication campaigns is one of the most effective ways to promote its new shows. This is particularly the case with the release of the film “Laura Pausini: Piacere di Conoscerti”, which traces the life of the Italian singer.

For the occasion, Amazon Prime Video launched a major marketing campaign by creating a huge open-air karaoke with no less than 500 drones!

Supported by the Ogilvy Italy agency, this large-scale operation took place the day before the film’s release on the platform. The drones flew near the Colosseum, more than a hundred meters high, to display the lyrics of the soundtrack while more than 2,000 people on earth sang along before being joined by Laura Pausini.

On vous laisse découvrir l’opération grâce à la vidéo ci-dessous :

Updated 6 May 2022